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  • War Robots224 1 hour ago

    That other one looked like groot

  • Bolt Thunder 1 hour ago

    9:47 Nail i saw a bird it was pretty kick it's ass

  • Galaxy blood fox 1 hour ago

    When you guys were looking down at the window there's a dead body

  • EyelessLeni 1 hour ago

    9:04 welp…i said window at the same time as them.

  • Riley Davis 1 hour ago


  • PSP-droid gamer the science guy or whatever 1 hour ago

    Nicely done with the sarcastic scream

  • Live Gameer 1 hour ago

    Ha nagyar a cím és a leírás miert nem úgy beszélsz??

  • DinoGirl500 1 hour ago

    I love this letsplay, I'm rewatching it for my 4th time now, it's so good!

  • VeryFriendlyTiger 1 hour ago

    Why an i watching this at midnight

  • Snowcliff Dee 1 hour ago

    When you watch something really scary before going to bed at 11 o clock at night you know this going to give you nightmares…

  • Micahjg 1 hour ago

    I hate how the second something remotely creepy happens everyone goes "OMG this is just like silent Hill!!"

  • Kenny Yohanes 1 hour ago

    Wut name this game

  • The FlyingDonut 1 hour ago

    3:13 they gave you a sponsor to your YouTube channel. Lol. I’m sorry I had to

  • dominik szankó 1 hour ago

    DE ANGOL!!! nope! én azt hittem magyar vagy ember!?

  • Edward Bush 1 hour ago

    7:40 yall fucking stupid

  • Sophia Tafoya 1 hour ago

    i love Wade’s screem 😂😂😂

  • Vixen 1 hour ago

    16:13 scaredy cat

  • Equinox 360 1 hour ago

    When I saw the riddle my first answer was water but the answer was ice

  • Moss Taylor 1 hour ago

    Ship .. iceberg…. Titanic

  • Scott Wales 1 hour ago

    I'm watching this at 3am 😲😲😲😲😲

  • Alexander Maldonado 1 hour ago

    play a game called Granny

  • tumzolem gamer time ghosting round 1 hour ago

    Lord minion your cool

  • V. Rose Caroland 1 hour ago

    14:52 😂😂

  • Dado 282 1 hour ago

    What’s that on wade face like red

  • Raelee Da Fashionista 1 hour ago

    smash ships crush roofs,……. ice

  • Christian Walters 1 hour ago

    Why does Patrick's character model look like Becky Lynch from WWE

  • Geostorm the magical wolf 1 hour ago

    Groot killed you BAD GROOT

  • -Sangle Fox- 1 hour ago

    The truth behind cyrus is he turned into a resident and then if you turn into one you will mimic the thoughts they would have produced and turn you into one too.

    atleast i think so

  • Effie Anthony 1 hour ago

    It was ice

  • M1Riles 1 hour ago

    I knew it was ice the first thing I thought was the titanic

  • Arraha Minafe 1 hour ago


  • FatSlimeKid 1 hour ago

    2:46 heres the mist should we go into the mist like really do you want to die this badly lol ur vid are Fun to watch

  • Kenji Games 1 hour ago

    A Power that can destroy ships
    That is a titanic reference.. When the Titanic hit the IceBurg WAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • Tyler & co 1 hour ago

    Is it wrong that I know the anarchy symbol

  • She pretty thicc

  • Kirby Kool 1 hour ago

    it’s got a nice ass

  • Jesse Schuster 1 hour ago


  • jacky boy 1 hour ago

    My name is Patrick no joke