Get your action adventure fix with these PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch games we’re looking forward to. What will you be playing? Subscribe for more: …

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  • gameranx 44 mins ago

    What are you playing?

  • yosho aki 44 mins ago

    Kingdom hearts 3 for me

  • Ronald Coen 44 mins ago

    Yo i would play all this if i had a xbox

  • Neil Sky 44 mins ago

    gosh i just better wait for Ultimate edition of these games.

  • Daisuken 44 mins ago

    As far as Falcon is concerned…

  • Theo Hercules 44 mins ago

    RDR 2! What really pisses me off is that it’s not on PC!

  • No metro exodus?

  • ezetram 44 mins ago

    rd2 and tomb raider

  • Maverick Gand 44 mins ago

    Rip, darksiders's feelings :(.

  • Jonathan Ruys 44 mins ago

    Active dealer restore spirit dismiss shrug step mayor hope horror evident married classical transfer.

  • Tu Nguyen 44 mins ago

    Crackdown 3 is gonna be a let down.

  • Saksham Mankotia 44 mins ago

    The thumbnail had me in tears

  • Brady Terry 44 mins ago

    Kh3 is coming out this year

  • Mitsurugi2424 44 mins ago

    Well, Falcon, you'd be best off going into RDR2 with low expectations. That way if it pulls a GTA5, you won't be very disappointed.
    I loved GTA4 as much as I loved RDR. So naturally I pre-ordered GTA5. What we got was one big half-assed tutorial for an online mode that never really came out. The version of heists we got took a year after release.
    I'm worried RDR2 will be similar. More attractive to look at, but dumbed down, and too basic in comparison.

  • Movies onlinestreaming 44 mins ago

    its yakooza not yekezeh ..

  • Adrian thegamer 44 mins ago

    Finally another tomb raider

  • Gábor Szitás 44 mins ago

    RDR2 any roumors that its coming for PC?

  • A 'Merica 44 mins ago

    Feeling a nice Brokeback Mountain vibe going with the thumbnail.

  • Adam Hill 44 mins ago

    Wait to Days Gone is not coming out in 2018???

  • drew tube 44 mins ago

    Like games? Go to Game Depot in Lebanon IN

  • stare Khan 44 mins ago


  • Lysergic acid diethylamide 44 mins ago

    The developers have already said buildings wont be destructible in Crackdown 3 singleplayer. They changed it so now multiplayer will be the only mode to get cloud computing destructible buildings.

  • T.M.Georg _ 44 mins ago

    Where’s sea of thieves

  • Connor Stace 44 mins ago

    At the start of the video you said Kingdom hearts wasn't coming out in 2018. Where is the evidence for this…the trailers say 2018. A bit annoying that everyone keeps saying its going to get delayed

  • Mr Solo Dolo VI 44 mins ago

    Metro Metro Metro

  • helpmyvids 44 mins ago

    Farcry trailer gives me video idea: aiming in video games?

  • Tom Parham 44 mins ago

    I don't get why people gush over shadow of the colossus, it's was such a fucking boring game.

  • Sleepy Cerberus 44 mins ago

    I can’t wait for Farcry 5.

    1. A Farcry game set in the US.
    2. Farcry 3 remastered.
    3. Zombies.
    4. The ability to complete the campaign in co-op.
    5. The map editor.
    6. Cheeseburger.

  • Murathan Şimşek 44 mins ago

    As far as I'm concerned

  • Joseph Nett 44 mins ago


  • Andy Montanez 44 mins ago

    Whats up with the gay brokeback mountain thumbnail?

  • Jazzifizzle No1 44 mins ago

    eeayydos?? Eidos!!

  • Infinity Hand 44 mins ago

    Crackdown 3 looks lit

  • Rafa .OLL 44 mins ago

    RDR2 , BF 2018 (hoping for a ww2 setting) and Metro Exodus are the ones i'm personally looking forward on this year.

  • reedofwater 44 mins ago

    Far Cry 5 is in the shooter category.

  • UGU Zach 44 mins ago

    Well… That's a few too many PS exclusives and EA titles (I'm boycotting them) for me. Too bad. At least I'll have Sea of Theives for some adventuring.

  • PasOdMater 44 mins ago

    Every time Falcon says Vampyr as Vampire i cringe. It's VampYR man, cmon.

  • God Of War 44 mins ago

    God Of War and Yakuza 6 are day one buys for me

  • leoric21 44 mins ago

    With all the game play videos I have seen on youtube of Far Cry 5, I would have thought it cane out last month.
    Maybe it already came out for consoles and releases for PC This month?

    That being said I have not played 3 or 4 in the series. I have them, its just i haven't finished other games. If I play more then 2 games at a time I tend to forget the narrative or the control scheme. Too many Open world games so little time.

  • XxJAFFYxX Gaming 44 mins ago

    Crackdown ohhh crackdown I can’t wait to play your battle royal mode which is the reason you have delayed it for so long!!!!!!!! Man just think not just looking for the best guns but looking for orbs to have the best advantage too and on top of knocking down buildings in the process 😲😲🤞🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽

  • The Goat 44 mins ago

    FAR CRY 5 BABY!!!

  • Ahan Bhalla 44 mins ago

    Wasn't it already confirmed that complete destruction in Crackdown 3 would be limited to certain structures in the smaller multiplayer only maps? Because i swear that was something i read around E3 2017

  • No red dead for pc WTF!

  • MD SADEQUE 44 mins ago

    Red dead redemption 2 will be a real dissapointment😧😧