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  • IT'S ATHARVA 3 hours ago

    Nice video thanks for the information

  • Samet Bulduk 3 hours ago

    The crew 2 is the best

  • themookshit 3 hours ago

    how are these games still sounding so shit haha

  • Kalpesh Patel 3 hours ago

    I can't believe, not a single one of these have good damage models.. except may be a little in NFS… but not to the main cars.

  • caleb greenwood 3 hours ago

    What about split second

  • Wow NFS Payback ripped off Burnout's takedown system.

  • Adam Sullivan 3 hours ago

    F1 2017 was canada i think

  • annony nymms 3 hours ago


  • Mustafa Sirac AKBAK 3 hours ago

    WRC ?

  • Sobers G 3 hours ago

    looks like real race

  • 5 PAGAL 3 hours ago

    Games games games

  • C Nallathambi 3 hours ago

    goat farm

    in tamil

  • Igor Z 3 hours ago

    delete nfs please from this

  • Amar Ranna gor 3 hours ago


  • Gerson Perez 3 hours ago

    Like if u think that midnight club 3 dub edition is a lot better than all these games

  • Marcos M 3 hours ago

    if payback is the best, i will not play race games any time soon

  • El Astronaute 3 hours ago

    I hate racing games where the cars just bounce off each other like bumper cars and have little damage other than scratches. It's so unrealistic, it has that arcadey feel but for realism it's just ridiculous. Car's should heavily crumple and they should pay more attention to damage mechanics that would make it feel really plausible.

  • Rawaf Al-Rawaf 3 hours ago

    NFS Payback = Garbage

  • Kennetha Cummings 3 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks like Csr Racing in the future.

  • so basicly nfs and crew 2 are the only good racing games that comes out in this season..Yes i excluded those retarded racing sims, as i can hardly call those games when they leave so little freedom , no i dont want to play the same stage 40 laps for at least 40 mins.

  • Sourabh Nigave 3 hours ago

    8.38 name