Top 80 Scary Horror Games “pre FNAF” This video belongs to Tats TopVideos, one of my favorites, reason why I subscribed to them years ago. If you want to see …

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  • Scott Peltier 1 week ago

    nice job salvaging the video. all tats videos are good and its sad to see them go but thanks for its recovery

  • Yadi Arfy 1 week ago

    song at 19:16??

  • Sam Foster 1 week ago

    If you have top 50 worst voice acting in video games, please upload it!!!

  • kye alexander 1 week ago

    i followed Kenshin's(?) suggestion when I first watched this😂 I turned my lights off, got some snacks, and turned the volume up

  • kye alexander 1 week ago

    youre a saint I missed these vids

  • Sandra Weilbrenner 1 week ago

    anna is a beautiful game.

  • YoloJo 1 week ago

    Brilliant video! Liked it and I also subbed to you! Mind doing the same back and also should we stay active on each others channels so we help each other grow by staying active by putting on notifications i have done it for you already 🙂 Mind liking this video? 😀

  • NewGuyvideo5969 1 week ago

    I heard that Amy was terrible yet Tats is suggesting we give it a chance. Is there anyone else out there who thinks the game is worth a chance?

  • Tats TopVideos 1 week ago

    btw you may want to change the "his" to "her." in the annotation. thanks. It's been explained many times before, people get so confused i know.

  • TERRAMOUNT 1 week ago

    I like it 🙂

  • PATRiCKFBi MetalHead 1 week ago

    Painkiller is NOT scary.

  • Forill 1 week ago

    I use to play the crap out of Blood when I was still young. I am sad that they never made a sequel for this game because it was actually pretty dam good. The weapons were all unique, the layout was pretty well made and the sounds were perfect to make that overall creepy atmosphere.

    The most terrifying thing for me in this game was that bloody hand, you can one shot it but it is small so shooting it was not always easy because it was pretty fast too and if it gets you then you are dead. There is no second chance or way to get it off, it just jokes you to death.

  • Ariman98 1 week ago

    song at 16:55?

  • Dorian Murguia 1 week ago

    why is chris playing slender man

  • TheThumbwar123 1 week ago

    16:31 music reminds me of transistor

  • Dante Nájera 1 week ago

    i'm looking for a point and click horror game for windows 95 wich features a light house and a baby who gets killed or something at the intro of the game, i can't remember that game's tittle

  • Tanner :3 1 week ago

    the new to 80 horror games i good but i like the old one a little but more 😀

  • Palazerker 1 week ago

    +Tats TopVideos your narraration is the best, i love the variation of voices you use, please make more horror vids

  • drakey poo 1 week ago

    So glad we live in a age where I can purchase games online some of these are expensive like Haunting Ground awesome list of games gonna have to fav this vid for reference love the 90s early 2000's horror games! Especially the obscure titles!

  • Jack Harden 1 week ago

    Hey man, awesome video, keep doing your thing man! It would be sweet if you have the time to check out my channel, give me feedback and maybe sub? It would make my day bro <3

  • Pretzel The Salty 1 week ago

    God bless you for reupload

  • James Ervin 1 week ago

    I kid you not on number 69 i saw van for sale and its said free candy about two weeks ago!

  • MsDboyy 1 week ago

    The Lurking Horror_Uninvited 2:09 Blood 2:43 Project Firestart 3D 3:23 Painkiller 3:43 The 7th Guest 4:34 The Corridor 5:02 The Path 5:30 Phantasmagoria 6:15 Scratches 6:53 Alone In The Dark 7:26 Free Icecrem 8:12 Deadly Premonition 8:38 Forget Me Not Annie 9:18 You Are Empty 10:18 Curse The Eye Of Isis 10:53 Inside 11:22 Area-51 11:50 Sanitarium 12:20 Cursed Mountain 12:50 Yume Nikki 13:27 Anna 13:59 illbleed 14:41 Ementium The Ward 15:17 The White Chamber 15:46 Amy 16:33 Candles 17:05 Haunting Ground 17:51 Rule Of Rose 18:25 Haunt 19:00 Darkness Within

  • candlewax122 1 week ago

    Free Icecream? Really?

  • Ivan Malek 1 week ago

    Thanks, I was looking for this

  • Williameow Wheats 1 week ago


  • looker999997 1 week ago

    Phantasmagoria is a poorly-paced amateurish effort that suffers from all the problems of FMV games, but Phantasmagoria 2 is awesomely cheesy. Spoony's walkthrough of it is hilarious.

  • javier Delgado 1 week ago

    Boy wow!

  • Los Illuminados 1 week ago


  • shenloken2 1 week ago

    Blood was so much fun! I just turn on the infinite ammo cheat and throw dynamite at shit. Very therapeutic.

  • WillieManga 1 week ago

    I wanna point out he Alone in the Dark reboot kinda… sucked. But I do have to give it credit for trying, as it does have some good concepts in it. And the Inferno edition on PS3 definately improved some things from the 360 edition.
    Don't even get me started on Illumination.

  • Do you have the Top Scariest Enemies one?

  • zeroboard 1 week ago

    holy shit thanx for the re upload yyasssssssssss