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  • BeanTrash 1 hour ago

    thumbnail game??

  • Jesus Wasere 1 hour ago

    @Brainz222 Always from G2a, the Link is here

  • romgam inG 1 hour ago

    Dragon's dogma😍😍😍

  • eduard fernandez 1 hour ago

    /q/ Download PC Games

  • Stetsen James 1 hour ago

    top 10 games that are garbage just like this channel.

  • Koo Woo 1 hour ago

    but wheres splitscreen on pc?

    I have so many keyboards, monitors, mice and chairs and like a hundred usb ports and three graphics cards on my pc…

  • Elon Flowers 1 hour ago

    cult of mush

  • Thua Avancel 1 hour ago

    Aka the opinion of this guy and also games that suck

  • Did you go and find the shittiest games you could find on purpose?

  • Kyle Dudley 1 hour ago

    top 10 games for no one ever in 2016

  • Meran Saman 1 hour ago

    I want a survival animated kinda game build craft guns electronic wepon and wouldent that be cool

    no minecraft >: |

  • Pulse 1 hour ago

    Listen to this rubbish. Nerds are so desperate for a life changing experience.

    I feel the same.

  • Eli Dryden 1 hour ago

    The thumbnail is very misleading but I am glad I wasted those 8 minutes on dog shit.

  • Major Bly 1 hour ago

    Title shoud be "YOUR 10 best pc games of 2016 cause your list sucks like the winds of a tornado. Worst 10 best I ever saw or read. Get back to us when you can actually give best games of a year. Right now you just suck at it.

  • Eternal D 1 hour ago

    who is not fan of RPG games !!

  • TenzoG 1 hour ago

    You sound like Cult of Mush

  • Dan Threepwood 1 hour ago

    Are you shitting me??? What a CRAP list, only 2 or 3 good games here

  • George Michel 1 hour ago

    who came here to download these games cracked

  • Played 30 min of Superhot. Got bored.

  • Nick Name 1 hour ago

    Where is the thumbnail game you complete fucking asshole,retarded cunt ? Everyone puts non-existend beautiful graphics thumbnails just to make views and all kinds of shit. FUCK YOU!

  • Trumped 1 hour ago

    anyone know what the background music is?

  • mustang19ms 1 hour ago

    worst game selection ever

  • Daniel Nygården 1 hour ago

    Guildwars 2 is also a good mmo

  • Kes Kys 1 hour ago

    i think its a good list and there are games for everyone

    so some games with another perspective or these normal 1 person or tomb raider….well I think the games are not that good last year either :")

  • Garavou 24 1 hour ago

    Is it just me or do I only see raging people here?

  • Alex Hernández 1 hour ago

    Yeah, what a bad year…

  • biscuit 1 hour ago

    by good you mean indie shit

  • ClueLess Mo 1 hour ago

    What's the game in the thumbnail

  • Anbjørg Allum 1 hour ago


  • M TAQI 1 hour ago

    i disagree

  • Matthew Shellman 1 hour ago

    Black Desert is not free… you get a 7 day trial

  • Homyak555 1 hour ago

    stoped watching after "dragon's dogma often compared to dark souls"

  • PoppinTom 1 hour ago

    Superhot on this list i some kind of joke..right , right

  • Spartan 1 hour ago

    everything is trash

  • Blake Booth 1 hour ago

    Violent shock rely weapon away assume variable blend forth.

  • Zameer Syed 1 hour ago

    What a waste of time, the worst list i have ever seen

  • Paraswat 1 hour ago

    were is skyrim,uncharted 4,bf1. not trying to be rude but thats the worst list ever XD

  • The Next world 1 hour ago

    useless games…………….. this video wasted my 8 minutes of my life

  • Hop Beats 1 hour ago

    wow… ok.. I thought you said best…?

  • Ashir Rehman 1 hour ago

    few of them are very boring but nice list i agree with u

  • HoussemTPR 1 hour ago

    Thanks for your great channel

  • CLAWS attacks 1 hour ago

    retarded games

  • Fede Rostagno 1 hour ago

    shit crap

  • Ricardo Augusto 1 hour ago

    Only game I was interested in playing was black desert…sadly its p2p :V

  • TK Yuk 1 hour ago

    I already played few of the mentioned games :3. Liked.

  • Inlexed 1 hour ago

    Im glad this video has 3k dislikes

  • Technology Tube 1 hour ago