THIS EDUCATIONAL GAME IS A HORROR GAME? Welcome to Baldis Basics In Education and Learning the doki doki of horror games Play here …

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  • Omafish 33 1 week ago

    i just got out of school

  • PaceElite 234 1 week ago


  • Fox Artist 1 week ago

    I'll make u thumb nails without pay! I have Instagram thou 🙁

  • Mr. Meeseeks 1 week ago


    [B] WTF!?!

  • AnimePlayz101 1 week ago

    Also… Everytime that happens, on ROBLOX I just click it and press enter. (Leave it blank)

  • OLiViA MAsOn 1 week ago

    I love to draw but my drawing suck…

  • AnimePlayz101 1 week ago

    An new series just came out…


  • poppyseed799 1 week ago

    This is the only Baldi video I’ve seen so far so like idk much about the broom but it’s hilarious

  • Aniboo Role play 1 week ago

    What if Baldi met Monika

  • MudkipMasterz 1 week ago

    Ha ha

    Oh DDLC

    Look at the games you’ve inspired

  • kayrie Ann De vera 1 week ago


  • Davy Playz 1 week ago

    You look like a green PewDiePie

  • Adeleigh Peterson 1 week ago

    Baldie: wow! You exist!

    Me: Yeesh! Bijuu deserves better! One like is one (better) compliment for Bijuu!

  • WI2023 Rachel L 1 week ago

    oh i did't want to sleep anyways (me at 2am)

  • Justin Long 1 week ago

    Scrub of the day… Really…? smh…

  • Jaiden Flowers 1 week ago

    Wjat am i whitnising

  • Grace Wright 1 week ago

    This might be a stretch, but is the answer to the 3rd question 12?46… that's the number he's holding in the start screen and the only number on that page… or it could be something completely random, I don't know…

  • Akarie Chan 1 week ago

    Lemme ne scrub of the day and I’ll give u salad. Wait ur already a salad. Here’s some salad

  • lucas evans 1 week ago

    a childs worst nightmare horror SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Catscan try 1 week ago

    My school was poor so in kindergarten we had these kind of games. There was one I remember that was about Clifford the Big Red Dog.

  • Shadow Gamer 1 week ago

    Why am I downloading this game right now?

  • kittyrose the cat fox harper 1 week ago

    Fluttershy played that game and dantdm

  • Heloisa Mazza 1 week ago

    this is how school looks like for me

  • Chrisalexgaming Fun Gaming/vlogs 1 week ago

    Baldi got three eye brows xD

  • Experimentz YT 1 week ago

    Baldi Baldi Math Club xD

  • Trippe Davis 1 week ago

    I want to be scub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Rossome 1 week ago

    I T S S W E E P I N T I I I I M E

  • Salina 1 week ago


  • And they were ROOMATES 1 week ago

    Baldi looks like my step dad

  • alissa sesko 1 week ago


  • alissa sesko 1 week ago

    Wach the back story of baldu

  • Lunar Tide Marmaid :3 1 week ago


  • J-hope is my life 1 week ago

    I tried a long time ago so I’m gonna try again and I love you and your videos so yeah you are just so funny

  • Undone Twice 1 week ago

    I think the symbols mean like something you might need to distract them or make them stop for a while like for instance the glasses case might be for that one girl jump roping it said that her eyesight wasn't very good so it might help you and her in some way and I'm pretty sure I saw some sort of music box something like that can be use to make someone like baldi or the principal fall asleep but that's just me idk if it's true.

  • Lil_Chan _Manga 1 week ago

    I would say i can draw but only anime and manga but im only 12 🙁 0:52