Ranking the top-rated Japanese role playing games on the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone and tablet. These are the best Japanese RPGs to …

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  • yousef Haidar 1 hour ago

    final fantasy final fantasy dragon quest dragon quest dragon quest dragon quest what is this

  • Jhonjaider Osorio 1 hour ago

    Donde esta SAO?

  • Miyoo Blacks 1 hour ago

    Logres is the best mmorpg, almost same ragnarok online

  • hizasama 1 hour ago

    It's ZID-AH-N not ZI-DAY-N

  • eclipseNF 1 hour ago

    Dem feels when your phone is 10x more powerful than a PlayStation

  • Raiden MacJack 1 hour ago

    Thumbs down for your lack of research, and lack of choice

  • Kristan 1 hour ago

    SAO is good but fakk hell the download content is way too much. i would prefer it to download as a one big whole file but gradually downloading it like mind fk is bad

  • Too Long Didn't Watch 1 hour ago

    playing master pieces such as DQ8 on a small splintered screen at 12 FPS is just…

  • my mom 1 hour ago

    you put the two "greatest" franchises ever!!! fuck off…

  • Vainglory Sudamérica Falgoust 1 hour ago

    s.a.o. it's a beat 'em up not a jrpg

  • Tadho 1 hour ago

    damn, you remind me the first time I played the original Chaos Rings in my iPhone 4 (2012) :')
    edit: never played the sequels, too busy with work. I admit that Chaos Rings has a really beautiful story, but the game gets a bit more repetitive than any other JRPGs.

  • Palwinder Singh 1 hour ago

    Top 10 cartoons games plz

  • Сергей Маляренко 1 hour ago

    хороший контент, в некоторые игры из топа я играл и они зашли:-)

  • Zoares Zeta 1 hour ago

    I finished chaos ring III once .its VERY VERY good , if you like rpgs for android with console quality .you NEED play it.

  • arif reggit 1 hour ago

    I knew it, chaos ring III is the best jrpg I've ever play in Android

  • CastleBroknhed 1 hour ago

    Great list. Having 4 Dragon Quest games was absolutely appropriate. Your scoring system is far more accurate and less subjective than certain other YouTube lists. Not that I'm about to call out WatchMojo on their bullshit or anything.

  • M Shakir 1 hour ago

    Just call it final fantasy or squire enix 10 games, it's like I'm watching a squire enix top 10 games, what a West

  • Time for fun 1 hour ago

    Hello. Now you can download The Green Souls ->

  • marclee82 1 hour ago

    I should have known when I saw DQ in the list more than once that I should have found a new review

  • GREAT GAMERBOY 1 hour ago

    this new game is so addictive you should download it now the link is given below

  • NATSU YT 1 hour ago

    Games like mobile legends pls but can be played offline or online

  • Jon Aguglia 1 hour ago

    I thought this might be a good place to find an RPG that wasn't from Square Enix….. nope.

  • Mark Renta 1 hour ago

    Dragon Quest VIII is the best!!

  • PROODMAN 1 hour ago

    asdivine dios and other games from KEMCO.

  • Kunal Yadav 1 hour ago


  • Naz Dhillon 1 hour ago

    Where is TWEWY ?

  • Its Me 1 hour ago

    for me, logres japanesse RPG is the best. sadly it`s not in the list

  • Ali Gafood 1 hour ago

    not FFVII or Chrono Trigger?

  • Whaby Samir 1 hour ago

    Played Chaos Rings 3 on the Nexus 7 (2013 model), what an amazing experience it was. Awesome list of JRPGs.

  • Lionelmon 1 hour ago

    soon there will be a spin off title named Dragon Quest .I. Asshole adventure, IGN 10/10 Best JRPG evar made in human history with cannabis as a cure for HP.

  • Data Grab 1 hour ago

    of course it's Chaos Rings III. After playing and finishing it twice, i came here to look for another great JRPG for android only to find out i already played the best.

  • Pablo P 1 hour ago

    8.63? For FFIX?

    Yeah… shit video. FFIX is a 10. Period.

  • Shadow nightmare 1 hour ago

    Dragon quest franchise, chrono trigger, legend of mana, secret of mana I miss those days

  • It's Me Nathan 1 hour ago

    OL games?

  • Digital Dragon 1 hour ago

    So… No Kemco games anywhere?

    Welp, going to list a few.

    Asdivine Dios
    Asdivine Menace
    Asdivine Heart
    Asdivine Heart II
    Asdivine Cross
    Fairy Element
    Antiquia Lost
    Glorius Savior
    Revenant Dogma
    Dragon Sinker
    Machine Knight
    Fortunus Magus
    Chronus Arc
    Bloods of Calamity
    Justice Chronicles
    Alphadia Genesis
    Silver Nonir

    I listed a few of the one I played and beated. Haven't played the rest…

  • shadowkrono 1 hour ago

    Maybe it would be good idea to make this list again EXCLUDING square enix games, i was expecting to find something new but i already have all of them (except for inotia 4)

  • Firefoxwaffles 1 hour ago

    I would prefer that this have discussed JRPGs exclusive to Android. We all know how good the FF games were, but they are on consoles. I like perusing your lists to see new games to pick up, but I already have like half the things on this list. I was expecting a Top 10 with games that only exist in the Google Play Store, not ports that I can find elsewhere (and thus, already own). Just maybe something to consider for the future?

  • royerskullable 1 hour ago

    Top ten Dragon Quest…….

  • Unofficial_Gamer 1 hour ago

    Yes J-RPG

  • PHANTOM THIEF 1 hour ago

    The world ends with you?

  • Ian Hsieh 1 hour ago

    You guys should do "Top 10 Android JRPG NOT from SquareEnix"
    and leave SquareEnix JRPG in one list themselves.

  • Idraki Faeez 1 hour ago

    One of the best jrpg games I've played on mobile is Record of Agarest War. Check it out, not sure why its not in the list 🙁 Its really great

  • Idraki Faeez 1 hour ago

    Dragon Quest VIII looks so great but its way too expensive for me

  • Edward Chan 1 hour ago

    2 years, still no hint for a sequel of chaos rings 3..sad

  • Med Amine El Moumni 1 hour ago

    please make more videos about android games because it's required OK!!

  • Rafael Schiabel 1 hour ago

    Make a Top 10 multiplayer games for Android to play with friends

  • Qing Tien 1 hour ago

    i hope the dragon quest 7 will be coming.

    or what about the free2play dragon quest game?

  • اوتاكاتو غول 1 hour ago

    e187a798 share my code plz 😥😥😥whaff

  • Megistius 1 hour ago

    boring and useless video. basically only final fantasy and dragon quest games you need to pay for.