Best scariest new horror games for android & iOS 2017. So new horror games list some really good scariest one, this games have great atmosphere really scary …

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  • slenderman slender 21 mins ago

    try redwood

  • Kirin Toudou 21 mins ago

    Why are there not horror games that ha the same or same view from above like mad father in pc I can't play

  • FUSIONCHAVA 21 mins ago

    The game u should play is the fear its soooooo scary i put that as my first video check it out

  • The Silence Of Hell 21 mins ago

    The silence of hell channel for horror games take a quick look

  • Tanner Swaby Ibarra 21 mins ago

    The Slendrina franchise is pretty good

  • Androplay India 21 mins ago

    I will die by heart attack

  • othman tayach 21 mins ago

    I played some of these games slendrina the cellar it was a fun little game with alot of jumpscares but they effective few of them were not however it scared every time I hate that little whore demonic manor it doesn't cool graphics and they the map of another which something that I don't a developer would be proud of the story telling was only based on notes but the game managed to scare me multiple time the ambiance was really and the scares were awesome even though the animation was need MORE WORK! if you want a cool horror game for your phone you might want to try sinster edge cool game interesting story nice puzzles very effective scares and am not talking about jumpscares am talking about actually horrifying scares try that shit plus the atmosphere was really I cool hear the loud sounds of thunder it scared the shit out of me more than twice am not pussy I mean in real I am but I don't get scared from horror games very easily but these actually truly did

  • Talha Farrukh 21 mins ago

    WhEre is eyes the horror

  • Cool Girl 21 mins ago

    The Dark of Fear reminds a lot of Dementium The Ward Remastered

  • Best Mobile Android/iOS Apps & Games 21 mins ago
  • garden of fear is terrifying

  • elinya 21 mins ago


  • Red Katlyn 21 mins ago


  • Unruly God 21 mins ago

    Damn.. there too scary to play😨

  • Abhi Zing 21 mins ago

    does any horror game support Gamepad?

  • EK KHILADI DO ANADI!!! 21 mins ago

    I laughed at 1:27

  • GuNzOnE Beatbox 21 mins ago

    the graphic are so lame.. the can be "best" of mobile games but they're just a peace of shit. only agames makes good ones. all other "horror" games are not even scary, very short and no logic

  • GuNzOnE Beatbox 21 mins ago

    none of those games are good as pc games

  • Anime4 Mii 21 mins ago

    7:03 scare me thought my laptop fuck up!!!

  • NCLN No Commentary Livestream Network 21 mins ago

    you wanna know what's really scary?

    your outro

  • DENIEL1 21 mins ago

    What about Lost Signal SCP? It should be on the list!

  • Yui - ゆい Cosplayer 21 mins ago

    the merendam 2 when I gone to the kitchen no one was there i got to the save point safely it was a normal mode

  • History Behind The Horror 21 mins ago

    None of these were released in 2017 except 1 of them

  • XtremeGamerz 1778 21 mins ago

    fucking hell man. i'm watching this in 1am. ._.

  • War Games 21 mins ago

    I liked more the game is paranormal territory

  • asuka sk 21 mins ago

    wich of these are great to play? I dont want to download and figure out myself. I wish i could download an old resident evil game

  • 3rdBrother 21 mins ago

    wow nice games, really liked the video, i make videos of my self on my channel of VR games with my live reaction, feel free to check them out.
    though still just wanted to say that i enjoyed watching. 😀

  • TNT MAN 21 mins ago

    you forgot five night at freedis

  • Spac Gaming 21 mins ago

    happy new year vin. hope they scare me to heaven

  • Hindi Technical Guru 21 mins ago

    Download Tekken 6 on android click this link-

  • MCPE Indo 21 mins ago

    you missed fnaf sister location

  • Rakshith 21 mins ago

    u must try eye's the horror game

  • indranil chaudhuri 21 mins ago

    0:56 I almost wet my pants!

  • Fatal Beauty 21 mins ago

    Good. I played Sophie's Curse a few days ago on my channel. Most terrifying game I've played so far.
    Happy new year, VIN. 😊

  • Mê Game 21 mins ago

    oh my god??😱

  • kaustav Patro 21 mins ago

    bro your videos are stunning.

  • Rashad RZ 21 mins ago

    FNaF SL android

  • just a gamer 21 mins ago

    happy new year everyone
    even i hate new years and christmas
    well anyways happy new year

  • Sujal Playz 21 mins ago

    type 99 if subbed me I ll sub back don't lie plz

  • Sujal Playz 21 mins ago

    happy New Year everyone

  • Saad Umer 21 mins ago

    mental hospital 5??

  • Takeshi 21 mins ago

    ayyy 😀 1st!! (not really)