10 best online multiplayer games based on survival – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has taken the game industry by storm. Its success completely surprised …

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  • Pushpa Pathak 1 week ago

    pubg in best

  • Luka Vidović 1 week ago

    Before you make a video find out what are you talking about battle royale is not the same as survival

  • CapriGam 1 week ago

    1:45 king of the kill

  • honeybobo i have a large cocko 1 week ago

    Ummm this is a BR list not a multiplayer survival game list…

  • Exclusive 1 week ago

    Boosted and noob

  • kSevenkDay 1 week ago

    correction nature is a bitch

  • WarmedLynx 66474 1 week ago

    Someone is confused about the meaning of survival games

  • Arda Vural 1 week ago

    Rust should be second.

  • József Nagy 1 week ago

    pubg is a copy too lol H1Z1 was first

  • FREEKILL Dz 1 week ago

    lol the best game of threm is pubg and you showing us fucked up games

  • Shubham Sabharwal 1 week ago

    You should write name of the games in the description too. Nice Video. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • BBQ Penguin 1 week ago

    the term "survival game" is losing its way with videos like this. Battle royale games should not be grouped with genuine survival games such as DayZ, Breaking Point etc. Also try looking into games other than DayZ because that game is trash compared to what is actually available in the Genre.

  • MrSheepTurtle 1 week ago

    Ark survival evolved is a survival game. Not pubg. Or survival of the fittest. Those are battle royal games

  • Winner5421 Channel 1 week ago

    I think conan is a little bit better than rust but you know

  • Iceman Gaming 1 week ago

    You should have mentioned Subnatica for a survival game

  • Adam Mendez 1 week ago

    Dayz is dead: ironic.

  • keynan martinez 1 week ago

    Cry of Fear?

  • ThiemSpieler 1 week ago

    this video title is wrong…it should be " top 10 BATTLE ROYAL games"

  • Fifty Two 1 week ago

    arma better be on here

  • The Former Sound of London 1 week ago

    Gosh, that starting music…

  • Jeremy Stewart 1 week ago

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  • UK RPGFan 1 week ago

    These are games for the braindead, or ppl who can't think..

  • Blazoca 1 week ago

    All those silly updates on Ark are killing it….

  • Kevin Clapson 1 week ago

    Seriously question if whoever wrote this video actually saw the first Predator film

  • tkondor 1 week ago

    I came here for the mysterious voice over lady…..I left with dry balls 🙁

  • Newfie Gaming 1 week ago

    A better name would have been top 2 or 3 survival games and 6 or 7 arcade styla battle royal games. calling pubg survival is like calling cod survival lol. The only thing u are surviving against would be other ppl in both.

  • Partygamers 1 week ago

    in EFT the offline mode isnt really farming, setting up a shop is not availible yet. please get the facts straight

  • Brandon Roberts 1 week ago

    some of these look good

  • Moe Nasri 1 week ago


  • Cap420one 1 week ago

    unsub EVERYTIME this loser makes a video it has 10 ads!!!!

  • Nate Joe 1 week ago

    I'm not seen as a bad game but I really don't want to play it

  • Freakinperv 1 week ago

    Hah watched this while taming a stuck hyaenodon on Ark, finished same time video ended

  • rj20za 1 week ago

    ARK did the battle royale thing years before PUBG so stop spreading garbage talk that games are stealing or clones from PUBG.

  • Gothic Inferno 1 week ago

    why did you name PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds "PU Battlegrounds"? it should have been PUBG lol

  • RED king800 1 week ago

    What about SOS

  • Autistic screeching 1 week ago

    Why the fuck is ark here? This is the most shittiest game ever

  • VelociFaptor 1 week ago


    There done, move along people.

  • ElitePotatoes 1 week ago

    There are better zombie survival games out there than dayz.7 days to die and h1z1 the zombie version are far better than dayz just to name a couple of them.And you forgot minecraft too.

  • HotBokChoi 1 week ago

    Minecraft ever heard of it? it has 55 million players monthly even today and the core of its gameplay is survival. I'm not a fan of it myself but, seeing a game that is based on survival not make the list to others that barely reach the 5 let alone 1 million monthly players is baffling.

  • Mike Custer 1 week ago

    These channels are really stressing for some fresh content.

  • Darren Villanueva 1 week ago

    what you couldnt just say "Top 10 Multiplayer Survival Games" in the title?

    Or is that too similar to all your other Top 10 lists

  • TheDaloodaZ 1 week ago

    What about Last of Us? The multiplayer is alot of fun and has a survival feel to it

  • Internet Depression 1 week ago

    dayz is dead

  • matteo mariucci 1 week ago

    remember:no one survive forever!!!!!!

  • Reimy Hate 1 week ago

    I got better title for this video "pubg and 9 dead games"

  • jbdragonlance 1 week ago

    EFT is amazing! So much better then anything on this list! I can't wait to play it at the end of the month!

  • ThatGuyMike 1 week ago

    Still funny how the dayz devs lied to is and abandoned the game for a while.

  • Trospher 1 week ago

    PUBG is one of the best games that is on my library today, despite the microtransaction (which pretty much only adds more money for me because i could buy 3 each day and sell the boxes all day) and the streamer ban crap, it's pretty awesome for an early access game.I definitely recommend this game