Could the SNES version of Street Racer be the alternative to Super Mario Kart that you’ve never heard of? Street Racer combines the racing of Nintendo’s Super …

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  • Pug Hoof Gaming 42 mins ago

    QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Whats your favourite kart racer?

  • Sweetestsadist 42 mins ago

    Good catch comparing it to Street Fighter.
    I believe Capcom actually started a copyright suit over this game because of the name and some of the character select images being too similar. E. Honda being the easiest to recognize, but there are others, as well.

  • electricmastro 42 mins ago

    I've been finding out recently just how many racing games came out on the SNES and later became obscure. Of those, the ones I've found that I think are worth trying out are:

    Battle Cars

    Biker Mice From Mars

    Cyber Spin

    F1 ROC II: Race of Champions

    GP-1 Part II

    Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing

    Saban's Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers

  • anarchyisneato 42 mins ago

    It would be cool if you did a follow up of the mega drive version some day. I love how sixteen bit era titles were often so different. That doesn't seem to happen much now, the slight differences in the hardware doesn't seem to matter much.

  • Retro Tech 100 42 mins ago

    I really liked Street Racer, it had great graphics and good gameplay plus its was also on Mega Drive.

  • Troy Wilkins 42 mins ago

    I had never heard of this one, great work on the video, will have to give it a go!

  • Larry Bundy Jr 42 mins ago

    Played Street Racer slightly more than Mario Kart when friends were over solely for the fact it was 4 Player.

    But the battle modes were poorly thought out and the rings having to have the edges knocked out first was annoying, should have had some alternates like a hole in the middle, or an arena that got progressively smaller. Maybe a bomb tag mode too.

  • Tube Hobby TV 42 mins ago

    played this game to death when I was younger, though since I haven't played it for many many years I assumed it would have aged terribly.. but it actually looks like its held out well.

    My favourite racer on the Snes is Biker Mice from Mars. Would be great to see that vs Mario Kart.

  • FatNicK 42 mins ago

    I really like Street Racer! I think in terms of mechanic it did the basics of both the fighting and driving better than Mario Kart. It's just a shame that so many of the circuits feel shallow and samey in comparison to the ones found in Nintendo's racer.

    Edit: One of my friends had the Megadrive version. They did a good job of replicating the game without Mode 7 – The battle mode was transformed into an endless ring o' doom.