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  • Jingle Jangle 42 mins ago

    Is this the new watch mojo?

  • swtor is also free and also gets dlc

  • Rafael Braz 42 mins ago

    never does smite have more content updates than league of legends or dota 2 even heroes of the storm

  • Snow Shadows 42 mins ago

    war thunder(developed by gaijin) doesn't go with world of tanks and world of warships(both developed by wargaming). i think you meant world of warplanes

  • Lord Nero 42 mins ago

    Clem Approves!

  • Sethei 42 mins ago

    You pit WoT but not War Thunder? Is this a joke?

  • Med Bro 42 mins ago

    What is the song from the intro?

  • JZ Squared 42 mins ago

    Same old shit 😛

  • Why are they showing old as clips of smite?

  • Carpazzo 42 mins ago

    2 of my favorites on the list you have my like..Smite and Warframe

  • shinwolf 42 mins ago

    Fortnite players hate this list Lol

  • wagnersalom 42 mins ago

    why is the coment section about free games beign so salty? i don't get it…

  • >Crossout
    Pick one

  • John Conor 42 mins ago

    these are all garbage ass game!

  • Melanie Dawn 42 mins ago

    Cryptic supports their games? Tell that to Champions Online.

  • Wow.. warframe is #1? Well they did make a lot of update.. but recently only a few are game changing, in term of content. Most of updates for buff/nerf keep make the OP arsenal we knew keep changing and leading to endless cycle of grind and plat spending.

  • KHIMERA609 42 mins ago

    Just because Neverwinter has regular updates does not make it GOOD. It's the same stuff again and again with a different skin … for 5 year. Thousands of hours is right – thousands of hours of soul-sucking grinding for boring dailies. Never mind the fact that they take years to fix problems, some of which they, themselves crate willingly in the hopes that it will bring them money. The refining stones … Jesus Christ! They introduced tens of different kinds of refining stones that took up so muck inventory space, and it took them 2 years to come up with a solution … which was basically something someone on the forum suggested a couple of years prior.

  • Tac_Reso 42 mins ago

    Should have brought up for Warframe that they have the Dev Livestreams and Prime Time both of which go over up coming stuff and let the devs get vocal with the community.

  • Mysterious Pig 42 mins ago

    Blade & Soul growing in a healthy way?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! It basically killed PVP, how is that fucking healthy?

  • Nikk Mann 42 mins ago

    No phantasy star online 2? Free mmorpg with new content about every 2 weeks and HUGE updates about every month and a half that are largely based on player feedback.

    Well I guess since it technically doesn't have an English release, maybe that's why it wasn't included.

  • AzureRoxe 42 mins ago

    Neither Fortnite nor Heroes of the Storm are here because they have to use the same tired trash over and over.

  • IloveMusic / 42 mins ago

    Smite? OmegaLUL Dota2 releases a fucking battle pass everyyear.

  • Pienimusta 42 mins ago

    Heroes of the Storm gets good quality new heroes, skins and mounts too.

  • Soaringhigh123 42 mins ago

    Fort nite isn’t on here? Wow

  • Dramox 42 mins ago

    How is Fortnite not #1 since the title says free games and not mmorpg games?

  • hunteranubis 42 mins ago

    No EVE online? list is already a fail

  • Tudor Sebastian 42 mins ago

    and here i am, waiting for the full release of 1.13 minecraft update

  • Kelvin Dules 42 mins ago

    Hahahaha, smite is so bad! xD