Do you have the need — the need for speed? Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Need for Speed Games. Suggestion …

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  • Muhamad Rizki 15 mins ago

    NFS Most Wanted (2005) is the best racing car game ever

    Change my mind

  • Dead pool 15 mins ago

    The Run?!

  • AzRaeL 15 mins ago

    Like how people are complaining how some need for speed games have shitty storylines. But tbh when you think about it all the stortlines are same old ore new racer vs the law fighting for this or that or being the best. All i really care about is the gameplay and physics.

  • Shisui Uchiha 15 mins ago

    What about Need for Speed Run

  • Patricia Para 15 mins ago

    I have almost all these games!

  • Jamila Bibi 15 mins ago

    Is this computer games or mobile games

  • Jaki ul Alam Khan 15 mins ago

    Agreed… <3

  • Karly Warly 15 mins ago

    Clearly these guys never played the original on 3DO. Vastly different game to PC and PSX/Saturn in regards to gameplay and physics. Still the best racer of all time! :p

  • Nfs2!! All d way

  • How to Knight 15 mins ago

    most wanted 2012? Are you stoned?

  • DrDoom 15 mins ago

    Nfs most wanted is one if the baddest. The old one was soo good. I had hours of fun with it.

  • Half-Assed Gaming 15 mins ago

    Criterion made the 2 best nfs games, the underground-undercover era was extremely overrated

  • Siddharth Sarwate 15 mins ago

    Love Your Videos, I Got Expected Game Which Is Porsche Unleashed.😃

  • Owen Steele 15 mins ago

    Nfs undercover anyone?

  • Thomas Regins 15 mins ago

    Nfs mw 2005 is way above all other shit

  • TeqHDcasper 15 mins ago

    Shift 2 unleashed at 9? nope. nope. nope.

  • Rohit Sharma 15 mins ago

    most wanted 2005

  • NGHTCRD Official 15 mins ago

    My favourites are Carbon, and Underground 2, so I could agree with the list

  • sakhir2004 15 mins ago

    What about need for speed rivals?

  • I am Dominic 15 mins ago

    Is anyone else here new to car racing games and looking to try something new or is it jus me,these look awesome by the way man 🙂

  • lubie skoki narciarskie 15 mins ago


  • lubie skoki narciarskie 15 mins ago


  • J.R. Spliff 212 15 mins ago

    Top 5 is kinda solid. I had a feeling #1 was gonna be between Underground 2 and NFS 3, but seeing where this list was going, I wasn’t surprised. But 10-6 was just atrocious. NFS 2 belongs nowhere near this list. How is that garbage in there and not 3?

  • Mega mami clout gaming 420 15 mins ago

    Need for speed the run deserves to be number one on this list

  • Sunildeep Singh 15 mins ago

    NFS Underground 2 is the best of all❤

  • Matthew torres 15 mins ago

    Shift 2 Is my favorite and the best

  • Assassin Creed Series 15 mins ago

    My Top 5 Nfs Games:
    1.Nfs Mw (2005)
    2.Nfs Hot Pursuit (2010)
    3.Nfs Carbon (2006)
    4.Nfs Mw (2012)
    5.Nfs Underground 2 (2004)

  • John Lloyd Naidas 15 mins ago

    Hot pursuit was childhood ❤️

  • LEGENDARY ELITE A 15 mins ago


  • Xquizite Trendz 15 mins ago

    This is a joke, number 1:Forza

  • I miss Need For Speed 2015 on this list. At least it could have been an honourable mention, because it was a really good mix of those NFS titles that everyone loves. Sure, it was horrible with the "Always Online" feature, but the gameplay was fun, the story and the cutscenes were trashy enough to be enjoyable again, the amount of cars and the different types of cars was pretty amazing, and the graphics were mindblowingly good. For me personally, NFS 2015 is at least in my personal top 5.

  • Armas Jürgenson 15 mins ago

    4:04 WTF?