What classifies an action title as such? Is it the heart-pounding moments and adrenaline as you rack up kill after kill? Is it stealth and making the right kill?

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  • Bole ZG 2 hours ago

    Hitman,Deus Ex and Dishonored are stealth games.In this games is more about sneak around than full action approach.

  • Matt Close 2 hours ago

    Hitman is a Stealth game and not an action game.

  • Mike B 2 hours ago

    YES, thank you. Finally a channel giving Hitman what it deserves. I love this game.

  • CeruleanJulian 2 hours ago

    Hitman wtf Dishonored 2 should have won the stuff you can do in the game

  • ID Mon 2 hours ago

    No uncharted 4? See ya

  • Evolving Potato 2 hours ago

    where tf is titanfall

  • berrlett 2 hours ago

    Gears of war and quantum break ?? Are you serious ??

  • -Voltic- 2 hours ago

    Where's uncharted 4? Ratchet and clank? Watchdogs 2?

  • -Voltic- 2 hours ago

    Quantum break…

  • Fabian Ramel 2 hours ago

    This was the worst list ive ever seen by gamingbolt… Not trusting them after this

  • Cesar Valle 2 hours ago

    I haven't played hit man or dark souls 3 but even I know that uncharted 4 or dark souls 3 should of won.

  • THE SLOW DEATH HOOKS 2 hours ago

    Nice to see hitman getting some praise

  • Jabba the merciful 2 hours ago

    quantum break sucked balls.

  • Jacob Li 2 hours ago

    Why does the first or second nominee always win?

  • Alex Townley 2 hours ago

    Where the hell is Uncharted 4… it's definitely an action game.

  • Bombed Videos 2 hours ago


  • Nhaselton 2 hours ago


  • FireStormGaming 2 hours ago

    I can't believe that Uncharted 4 was not in here.

  • Prince Dizzy 2 hours ago

    The PC ports of Quantum Break and Dishonured 2 were a right mess lol

  • bobkontrolololuje 2 hours ago

    Should I get dishonored 2 or titanfall 2? or Deus Ex

  • Balazs Domjan 2 hours ago

    I simply ponder that how Battlefield 1 did not make any of your nominees on this list 🙂

  • ABCWarrior 2 hours ago


  • e efilysp 2 hours ago

    I applaud you on this one. Hit man is a seriously good game

  • The Bowser one 2 hours ago

    hitman and no uncharted 4? pshhh bye.

  • Connor Bullock 2 hours ago

    Where's Uncharted 4

  • e efilysp 2 hours ago

    If you give it to gow4, you lose my sub pronto.

  • CryptixXx 2 hours ago

    Hitman won , not saying it was a bad game but beating dark souls 3 , are you fucking insane

  • Reacon Assassin's 2 hours ago


  • shady bon 2 hours ago