Detention Nintendo Switch Review (Horror)-Is this horror game worth your hard earned cash? Find out in our video review! Written review here …

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  • B Kent 44 mins ago

    Can you use the dpad to move your character?

  • boxedCanine 44 mins ago

    mm im glad i found this review because i wanted to know if it would be worth the money to get the game and now im leaning more towards getting it.

  • Kirsteen Lockwood 44 mins ago

    After watching your review I’m seriously thinking about picking this one up…I haven’t got a favourite genre but games I’m really enjoying now are Riptide renegade gp…this game is awesome value for money and great fun,Sky force reloaded,Elliot quest and Hammer watch…all are great games that are completely under the radar…brilliant review as always dude😀👍

  • ANASTASIS THEOKLI 44 mins ago

    Enjoyed your review.

  • Foxy Areku 44 mins ago

    You can buy off the UK store if you're in USA?

  • Benjamin Sanchez 44 mins ago

    awesome review guys love Juan reviewing on this one nice hairstyle btw and sorry! if i was kinda mean in my comment with your hollow switch review :/ keep them coming guys! you are the first source when it comes to reviewing games 😀

  • SunSunASMR 44 mins ago

    Just brought it

  • cliffy f 44 mins ago

    Thanks man a good review .Any chance you could mention the space required for the games in your review ?

  • Mr Grimm 44 mins ago

    Like your new style Juan

  • 宇柏 44 mins ago

    I am from Taiwan~~ Love this game.I was born is this era.

  • Jose Lopez 44 mins ago

    So it's one am everyone is asleep have my headphones on and fire this up. Creepy as heck! Sound and story are amazing! Graphics and atmosphere nail it! Thanks for the review guys!

  • Fallout2Forever 44 mins ago

    Oh nice, another horro game similar to The Coma. Me want!

  • Visión de Todo 44 mins ago

    Thankfully it is a good egg. Nice to see different types of horror games on Switch. Thanks for the excellent review.

  • Michael Klimko 44 mins ago

    My fav genre is point & click adventures. Love me some Darkside Detective!! Detention looks pretty good too.

  • robattard80 44 mins ago

    I am about 2 hours in totally worth it so far.

  • David Hernández Solyman 44 mins ago

    You look much different; very dapper. My favorite games are builders like Cities: Skylines or Kerbal Space Program

  • Da_Gamers_Loft 0 44 mins ago

    Hopefully we will get physical release down the line! Then i’ll get it for sure! Looks good!

  • LJ Polintan 44 mins ago

    ARPG <3 Anything like Diablo 3 or Path of Exile. Which is why I'm excited about the news/rumors of Victor Vran coming to Swtich <3 Hope the rumors of Diablo 3 coming to Switch is true as well 😉

  • enigma2274 44 mins ago

    Horror is my favorite of course. Pretty much since Resident Evil 1, back in 96 I believe. I've said it before. Definitely getting this. Some of my favorites: Silent Hill 1-4, RE7 in VR, Condemned Criminal Origins, Dead Space 1+2, Siren Bloodcurse, Fatal Frame (1,2,5 are the only ones I've played). I personally loved ZombiU. Outlast and Whistleblower, not as much 2. You get the idea. I'm sure I'm forgetting some amazing ones. I played Bloodborne like a survival horror, especially when you really dig into the Lovecraft inspired lore. One of the best games ever. Oh! Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem. Favorite horror game of all time, and almost forgot it. Lol.

  • Thanks for the heads up about buying from UK eShop. Even if it's only a couple bucks cheaper, that's $2 I can put towards another game.

  • Tony Jenn 44 mins ago

    One genre the switch doesn't have to worry about at the moment is horror lol

  • PikaLink91 44 mins ago

    Hmm, I would like to play it safe and say that my favorite genre is action/adventure, because I do indeed enjoy a good adventure game with my favorite elf boy, bounty hunter, or tomb raider any time of the week.

    …but horror, as someone who already feels disconnected from the world on a social level, there is just something about the sort of games where you are SUPPOSED to feel alone. I love horror games for their lonely dreary atmosphere, and I love being scared, so the genre speaks to me at an entertainment level as well as a personal level.

  • Bruno Celimon 44 mins ago

    Lol watched to the end. Brilliant 🙂

  • PikaLink91 44 mins ago

    I am always up for a new horror experience, and I've had my eyes on this one for a while now.

  • Bruno Celimon 44 mins ago

    Looks like a good game. Great score.

  • bender afk 44 mins ago

    Oooo taiwan!

  • SwitchWatch 44 mins ago

    Good evening guys. This horror game was a horror to get up on youtube, multiple failures and then had to re edit the whole thing. I think these horror games are having an effect on me 🙂 I hope you enjoy this review and have a good rest to your week guys. I also hope that you are enjoying all the extra content our wonderful people are working hard to produce. All the best-Juan