Hey everyone for this review I take on I Hate Running Backwards a shoot em up that stars Serious Sam and other indy game all stars. I played it on Playstation 4 …

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  • Cornshaq 9 hours ago

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this is a really fun co op game for a few hours or a fun little single game for a nice 30 to hour long burst but not much more. You may want to wait for a sale on this one unless you have a friend to join you.

  • mecharobots 9 hours ago

    Just found your channel and love these smaller reviews as it helps me with buying these products

  • Twigg4075 9 hours ago

    My favorite NES era game like this was Jackal. My buddy and I spent who knows how many hours playing that. I don't think we ever beat the final boss.

  • ConAirNL 9 hours ago

    I played some yesterday and allready unlocked a few bonus characters, but still struggle with the Scorpion King. It's fun to play. I do return agree you don't play this longer than one hour in a row.

  • Jake Cooper 9 hours ago

    It looks okay, but I'd much rather have Serious Sam 4.

  • skeleman46 9 hours ago

    "14.99" wow, what a ripoff. you can get way better games for the same price

  • Daniel Johnson 9 hours ago

    If only I had some friends. Even one…

  • Randy Bradley 9 hours ago

    I find it kinda awkward to be running backwards for some reason. Likely because it doesn't happen to often. So, What I did is turn my TV upside down and we're good to play now.

  • GaggleofDoozies 9 hours ago

    Just curious……have you ever given out a 10??

  • Caleb Mickel 9 hours ago

    Hey Cornshaq I recently found your page and it is one of my favorites now. I think your reviews are well done and I absolutely LOVE that you do lots of lesser known games. Exactly what I wanted. Just wanted to say great job and thank you. Keep up the great work.

  • Super Duperest 9 hours ago

    …and this is the issue with procedurally generated games. It's very rare to have a randomized, procedural or rogue like game that is done correctly. Enter the Gungeon and Flinthook comes to mind, but 99% of these games just fall flat. I'd rather have a solid, bespoke game like Shovel Knight or Outland. Can we please go back to the golden days?

  • Super Duperest 9 hours ago

    The shizzaq is bizzacq, son!

  • Joe, The Alternative Gamer 9 hours ago

    Great Review!
    It is a solid pick up and play title that is better in coop!

  • I can't give it enough meh out of 10

  • Jeffrey Kukucka 9 hours ago

    Maybe they should name the title “I hate running though procedure generated worlds”

  • alex75346 9 hours ago

    this game doesnt really look very appealing to me i love the trailer though