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  • Tastedeon 24 8 hours ago

    Who in the world would skip that intro

  • Saptarshi Mondal 8 hours ago

    Good ol' Adventure Quest Worlds

  • bait with nudity HARDER…what is dignity nowadays anyway right? disliked

  • chippy8596 8 hours ago

    that long unnecessary intro made me click the dislike button, made this comment fast and go back to the previews page to watch other game review videos not from this channel

  • DziRi 17 8 hours ago


  • DjGurbeti x 8 hours ago

    GW2 this game is the best with a nice comunity nice grafick and nice gameplay/ cann lvl up even alone without help you cann farm gold mutch easy then in other games without givin reall money (it's your choise if you buy the new patch)you have so many things to do in that game if you have the time 🙂 open world world boss events anytime ,dungeons,fractals,pvp,wvw (wvw world agains world 100 of players in same time just amazing)and for thos ho like challenges like TERA are pfff you need to spend money…to get lvl 442 armor it's longe way to do and even when you done after no fun anymore you get bored to get in this lvl, it's anytime the same way bad drops the same fight the same maps so nott for me even that i played for years.

  • MAKI Watashi wa kinishinai! Shitakunai! 8 hours ago


  • Guzmán Eastman 8 hours ago

    WHere tf is warframe

  • john casio 8 hours ago

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  • Midnighterz 8 hours ago

    A whole fucking minute of porn…WTF.

  • Jesse Lloyd Shablack 8 hours ago

    Get Paid to Play and Review Video Games! Join now! Risk Free!

  • Mi llamo Jose 8 hours ago

    That moment when you played every mmorpg and now don't know what to do with your life 🙁

  • Mi llamo Jose 8 hours ago

    The problem with tera is the lack of players, to find a dungeon take AGES

  • Javari Haskins 8 hours ago

    Is revelation online and Blood and soul in English?

  • [ARM]GrimReaper Gaming 8 hours ago

    note: you take female chars only XD wats the meaning of tht bruh xD

  • HuntinTox 8 hours ago

    Rename your channel to Hentaireviewer69

  • Naked Prophet 8 hours ago

    Wow! Gameplay.

  • VlaDmiR 8 hours ago

    Whats the song 00:00 lol

  • BATTLE STOOORM!!! 8 hours ago

    wtf was that intro? :3

  • morzsaszem 8 hours ago

    I have played Aion more than 6 years, when I reached my playing-alone-limit because I was playing on NA servers (which are fully free) instead of EU servers (which aren't fully free – a lot of limitations) and all of my freidns who played with me went on other games. I was sad that I had to leave that behind, and I was almost totally sure that I won't find an other game that grounds me down that much or at least half as much. I was in love with Aion, that's my WoW.
    And then I tried Guild Wars 2. I have played TERA, Lineage II, Wild Star and Blade and Soul too before that and all of them had something interesting, but none of them was the big boom. But Gw2. I think I can tell everything with this few words: I have bought the second expansion too. (And this was the FIRST game in my life, what I have payed for – I only play free mmorpg games, this my only game what I have spent my money on.)

  • Crasher BG 8 hours ago

    When i typed RPG MMO , I didnt mean RPG Multiplayer Masturbation Online , I meant Massive Multiplayer Online !

  • Joxon Art 8 hours ago

    Guild Wars,Path of Exile,Wild Star and some tittles ad the ending of the video i guess like Neverwinter are worth mentioning actually as an MMORPG's. Rest,yeah have all mmorpg elements,but it would be more right if its on another video called… MMORPG PORN or Hentai or at least Echi INFLUNCED FREE GAMES (which are probably made for younger public of gamers to get them mind wash and adictive like craving ..)

    But I like sometime some of your videos i think. Sometime i at least discover one game that is actually a game…


  • GingerK Games 8 hours ago

    And of course nothing I’m looking for

  • iF3llOffaBr1dge 8 hours ago

    Top 10 Sexy RPG Games of 2017

  • Your virginity is showing

  • Brad Bagley 8 hours ago

    i could have shit a better guild wars 2 viedo

  • denisa zamfir 8 hours ago

    whats the last act that girl with the katana ?

  • CocoNutzGaming 8 hours ago

    Well guild wars is fun but i think it more would be offline mmo cause when i chat / only 2% People response

  • Antoni Prasetyo 8 hours ago

    how to make a dance in game blade and soul??

  • Micah Lawson 8 hours ago

    Don't get me wrong I love ass and tits but this dude has it in everything he post

  • Nicolas Topaz 8 hours ago

    what game is the one at the first clip, i need it for scientific reasons …

  • rogue angel 8 hours ago

    I hate dropdown mmos!

  • Gotta get that ad revenue… Trying to get over 10 minutes lol

  • Lite XI 8 hours ago

    0:11 "alright ya its time for the big one" he says lol

  • Soul Goodman 8 hours ago

    Too much butts and boobs. Too sex exploitable. Boring. Don't get me wrong, I love boobs and nice butts… But teasing  polygonal boobs in MMORPG review… Well, I thought, MMORPG not only about double-artificial boobs… But okay, let's see further…)))

  • Great Lord 8 hours ago

    video starts at 12:54

  • WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT 8 hours ago

    i like women but damn its too much sometimes lol

  • 909080 8 hours ago

    hey there is girl in this video in time 1.09 minutes.I just wanted to know what is that Animation movie.Please tell me

  • Literally all look the same and lame af.

  • Nikki Liu 8 hours ago

    What mmo rpgs can support laptops?

  • nodamnametouse 8 hours ago

    if only cabal 2 was not complete total shit