Adventure games provide a narrative experience with a hint of problem-solving and tinged with danger. Well, it’s time you embrace the sense of adventure within …

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  • GamerZakh 4 hours ago

    The 2017 list is now up here! :

  • robot gaming 2 4 hours ago

    dow is 2018

  • Neimann Cadacio 4 hours ago


  • Rage 9one 4 hours ago

    VR only = bad, there should always be an option for VR or not, There shoudn't be any VR only games…

  • Captain_diabetes 4 hours ago

    Wow he didn't add Trove

  • Faique Memon 4 hours ago

    can you recommend recent point and click games .

  • Χριστόφορος Ντίκας 4 hours ago

    About the VR.
    My opinion is that it is not a good step of gaming and of culture as well.

  • yousef magdy 4 hours ago

    I will download firewatch and night in wood

  • Andrea 1 4 hours ago

    These are really cool games. It deserves more likes and views

  • What genre is builder games

  • Reach HD 4 hours ago

    Please make a video how to get mafia 3 on pc <3 ,

  • Laura Monteiro 4 hours ago

    Shardlight. Definitely Shardlight.

  • Thomas Lomax 4 hours ago

    I concur. These videos are incredibly well scripted. Your use of language is genuinely captivating and very well presented. Good job mate.

  • Daggert gaming 4 hours ago

    Like your top ten videos, but you really need to do some research on what the adventure genre in video games is.

  • manolo cabrera 4 hours ago

    its true… i love this channel… you deserve more views¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • AJax Laffles 4 hours ago

    Really deserves alot more views, good work Zak keep up the good work.

  • Wow .. First time um really surprised with this list.. Nice serching work zakh

  • 20kevin01 4 hours ago


  • GamerZakh 4 hours ago

    VR seems cool. I'm interested in seeing how developers use it, though honestly those 2D games look just as good.