Sorry for the volume, the first few entries I totally messed up the mic but I fixed it for the last 7 entries (at 6:39) (also got a new mic since then)– –UPDATE …

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  • Murdoch Boycott 1 hour ago

    Does anyone know the name of the game where you go underground in an elevator and meet all these weird lizard people? kindof steam punky and I NEED TO FIND IT!

  • Uejji 1 hour ago

    All 4 Monkey Island games? What about Tales?

  • Lee Hackett 1 hour ago

    Simon The Sorcerer?

  • Guyin Apocket 1 hour ago

    I agree on cmi but i miss the longest journey and gabriel Knight 1 on the upper spectrum

  • Odrik Michel 1 hour ago

    monkey island 3 TOP!!!

  • Slenderfoxx37 1 hour ago

    Anyone remember the old (but not 8 or 16 bit) space adventure computer game (I had it on a disc) it was point and click I'm pretty sure and it was an adventure they had a spaceship you could go to different rooms and they'd travel planets. Pretty sure there was a boy a dog and a few other people. I can't remember the name but it was a lot of fun when I was little. I wanna find my old computer games I played and my nana and papas house lol

  • Sandra Hansson 1 hour ago

    I love this list!

  • Javier Akinde 1 hour ago

    Last crusade was impossible

  • Games All Day 1 hour ago

    Edna and Harvey the breakout

  • Richard 1 hour ago

    Aside from Curse of the Monkey Island, Full Throttle is my favourite LucasArts games

  • Broen Odus 1 hour ago

    and Woodruff and the Schnibble Of Azimuth ? Ok, there's so many great pnc games that I understand how difficult it is to make such a list.

  • dafullclip 1 hour ago

    No Discworld? Enjoyed the vid though.

  • peter jackson 1 hour ago

    A personal favorite of mine…. Discworld and Discworld 2. mostly for the memories and Eric Idle's voice acting, sublime

  • Akaliptos 1 hour ago

    Deponia is cool too

  • shdy14 1 hour ago

    One could argue about your choices in the list BUT your #1 is definitely the right choice. Curse of Monkey Island, the greatest adventure game of all time!!

  • 꾸기Amina 1 hour ago

    For me Fran bow is the best

  • adam kings 1 hour ago

    how much did lucasart pay you you fucking idiot. sierra games have way better games than these craps

  • MissT 1 hour ago

    Anyone know if you can get the curse of monkey island anywhere? I miss playing it!

  • Vassilis Kolios 1 hour ago

    What about "THE NEVERHOOD"?

  • yousini 1 hour ago

    too many crappy lucasarts games not enough sierra gems

  • SteveDave Steve 1 hour ago

    Well said about Escape from Monkey Island being the worst of the series. I completely agree it was ruined by going 3D. I much prefer the beautiful 2D hand painted artwork the others had. This was a Great list…and I mostly agree with your selection. Especially number one 'The Curse of Monkey Island' This has to be my most loved adventure… and the only adventure I have played multiple times. Well done!

  • Tom Lee 1 hour ago

    cough SIERRA COUGH

  • Michael Trier-hofby 1 hour ago

    Where is the runaway series !! It is an awesome point and click adventure game

  • Rodrigo Perez 1 hour ago

    Totally aggree with Number 1 and the rest of the Monkeys being in the list. I'd change a few thou, for example I'd include FULL THROTTLE or at least one of the KING QUEST saga.

  • Jim Keen 1 hour ago

    Wait. People were disappointed by Dig? That's one of my favorite games of all time. I reinstall, play, and thoroughly enjoy it every couple of years. Guess there's no accounting for taste. Also, Full Throttle?

  • E - Static 1 hour ago

    No Amanita Design games?
    I know that Samorost 3 didn't come out at the time of the making of this video, and maybe Botanicula either, but Machinarium is arguably the best of their full length games, and it came out in 2009.

    Botanicula came out in 2012, Samorost 3 in 2016.
    CHUCHEL is going to come out probably in February.

  • Antonino Giccone 1 hour ago

    THE DIG???????? DD:

  • Jordan 1 hour ago

    Point and click but no police or kings quest? …what?

  • Montreal_LP 1 hour ago

    I loved "The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 2 – The Hand of Fate". <3

  • Monty Kashyap 1 hour ago


  • erbacchia 1 hour ago

    No Deponia?

  • Zackster 1 hour ago

    Complains about the graphics of a game made in 2000 lol they're not even that bad

  • lostn65 1 hour ago

    Escape from MI is crap. It's got some really poor logic puzzles, and I just hated Grim Fandango style keyboard movement. Give me point and click any day.

  • zool128 1 hour ago

    Nobody mentioned "Runaway" so far? Go and try that game!

  • monicabellu 1 hour ago

    What? No The Longest Journey? No Runaway? No Hollywood Monsters?

  • Josefine Andersen 1 hour ago

    skipper and sceeto should be on the list

  • Pineapple Pizza 1 hour ago

    please tell my whats the song at the start of the video ?

  • Visionate Music 1 hour ago

    So many games I miss.. All these are good, but what about Toonstruck? Flight of the Amazon Queen? Full Throttle? 7th Guest?Gabriel Knight series? Larry 7 Love for Sale? Runaway series? Syberia 1&2? Post Mortem? Blade runner? The neverland? Discworld? Loom?

  • 999SickBoy666 1 hour ago

    Ahahahahahaha… You put Monkey 4 on the list but rated Tales 5.5 .. and you went on to put TSoMI behind DotT but ranked Curse as #1? Ahahahahahaha
    (wait… this list was some kind of practical joke, right? RIGHT?!!?)

  • Scott Drew 1 hour ago

    Top 10.

    10.Discworld II Missing Presumed?
    9. Full Throttle
    8. Monkey Island 1,2 and 3
    7. Titanic – Adventure Out of Time
    6. Ark of Time
    5. Broken Sword The Serpents Curse
    4. Broken Sword 2 Smoking Mirror
    3. Grim Fandango
    2. Broken Sword The Shadow of the Templars
    1. Nightlong- Union City Conspiracy

    But so many Lucas Arts to count! Also Silver if that counts

  • splizer101 1 hour ago


  • LangsGalgEnRad 1 hour ago

    Deponia – Terrible characters? In my opinion the total opposite, laughed my ass off couple of times lol.

  • Feelin Sillin 1 hour ago


  • magnusm4 1 hour ago

    You should check out Toonstruck. The main character is the same actor playing Doc Brown in Back To The Future for fuck sake, you can't raise the bar higher than that. Plus it's all in 2d animation and is a clever mockery and tribute to cartoons with the more insane slap stick beating toons being wierded out by the cutesy and friendly toons and the friendly toons are so lovey dovey it makes MLP get type 2 diabetes. It's also very well animated

  • Ceylan Kucukhas 1 hour ago

    No Full Throttle?

  • Basir Abbas Gardezi 1 hour ago

    very nice compilation. havent played a few in between but can name better than some of them on the list like Full Throttle, Gabriel Knight, longest journey, Siberia, deponia , the dig (most people like it whereas i didnt really enjoy it), toonstruck, neverhood, and some others that i cant really recall. But one thing is for sure Monkey Island 3 is the best game ever.

  • Timbojones Underwood 1 hour ago

    feeble. hand of fate. goblins 3 those are up there in terms of quality if you have never seen these b4.

  • JellyJelly 1 hour ago

    man 3d ruined adventure games
    the graphics looked great when 2d cartoons
    same with snes, look at sprite games vs early ps1 3d, man did 3d look horrible
    just imagine if we stuck with 2.5d, what doom would like like with hd 2.5d graphics

  • Andy Mayer 1 hour ago

    Gabriel Knight and Black Mirror is missing. Too many monkey island games, which imho were too foolish.