2 Endings. Point and Click horror game. Full Playthrough. At 2:45 a.m., your sleep is suddenly interrupted by strange noises. A burglar, perhaps? ▻Please …

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  • zeratulcraft 13 hours ago

    "THIS IS WHY I CHECK TOILETS" Oh no, positive reinforcement!

  • Qwerty Nich 13 hours ago

    300th like

  • Boo Sweets 13 hours ago

    "Oh no! I think someone just broke into my house. I better start in my parents bedroom and carefully look at objects VERY closely"

  • Roll With It 13 hours ago

    Sitting here screaming in my head. See tv… Hear speaker. Clock chimes on the hour… 5 chimes. 5:00!!! 😫😫

    … And then you found the alarm clock ha

  • Davids clocks 13 hours ago

    Thanks for posting this, and now I know why I couldn't get that darned door in the basement open. I honestly thought that there was a bug in the game. (I had checked an earlier Xbox walkthrough, and some of the puzzles shown here aren't in the Xbox version.)

  • Laura Waterfield 13 hours ago

    Absolutely enjoyed watching this game. Super cool. Thanks

  • Evil Toast Gaming 13 hours ago

    This was an odd game, but the enjoyment for me is your gameplay. Your soothing accent washes away the worst part of my day, which current is losing my Pez candy in-between the couch cushions.

  • Night Phoenix 13 hours ago

    what if you had gotten to the button fast enough? the one in the middle draw in the study

  • MJ Jose 13 hours ago

    I still don't understand how and why it ended the way it did, but I did enjoy most of it!

    Any chance you'd try your hand at Welcome To The Game 2? (Though it can be so frustrating!)

  • dawnmccarthy1 13 hours ago

    52:08 Totally thinking of The Longest Journey right now… Too bad that epic game isn't recording friendly when cutscenes play…

  • This was so cool! I loved the music a lot and the visuals got nuts in the last half ^^

  • Jakafe 13 hours ago

    The music when you zoomed inside the TV was just…… buzzkill.

  • brandon phillips 13 hours ago

    Damn that second ending was even worse… I loved this video though although I don’t know what direction the maker of the game was going for with the plot

  • Alexander Willow 13 hours ago

    That's an interesting ending.

  • Deep -A normal guy 13 hours ago

    popcorn with vid of cju .the most entertaining and best YouTuber.

  • PuzzleCat 13 hours ago

    So glad you're playing this!

  • Cody Brono 13 hours ago

    Literally said to myself "that was like who wants to be a millionaire " and next thing you know, you say who wants to be a millionaire ! :p

  • Jeffrey Oldham 13 hours ago

    Well done, mate…you passed the test!

  • luvhungryman 13 hours ago

    i liked this but the music was insufferable

  • Hoonozit 13 hours ago

    I thought my computer was acting up again.

  • LORD CHARLES 13 hours ago

    Have you played the land of pain ?

  • Nami328 13 hours ago

    No, don't leave me alone to watch it !

  • OutlawRebel117 13 hours ago

    There's nothing wrong with frozen lasagna. As long as you don't eat it while it's still frozen.

  • lesdmark 13 hours ago

    What a poop ending. I think the first thing I would do once all powerful is undo what they just did and destroy them as well. Serve them right.

  • Hina Sama 13 hours ago

    1:11:19 best reaction ever lol

  • Jonas Christensen 13 hours ago

    Every time you enter a door it looks like a random encounter in a JRPG.

  • washington1884 13 hours ago

    I'm really dubious of the whole "out of every living thing in the entire universe, you were the only one who could figure out our puzzels, brah!" line.

  • Mileen Santod 13 hours ago

    You asshole u deleaded my commens

  • SleepyDrummer 13 hours ago

    When I saw this game I thought to myself:
    "I don't really want to play it… Besides, CJU will definitely post this one."


  • Chowzan 13 hours ago

    Don't ya just hate it when your kitchen turns into a weird interdimension.

  • Pablo Ricardo 13 hours ago

    Some vibes from SH obviously, and some from Lovecraft and myst. I dont know if it works really, but I always enjoy your plays, CJ!

  • tinimaus1986 13 hours ago

    I liked the music. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Alex Olinkiewicz 13 hours ago

    Today is my last day of college and to my surprise I woke up to see a new CJU playthrough