0:10 Trüberbrook – 1:36 Chuchel – 3:21 Detective Gallo – 4:48 Jengo – …

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  • riven atrus 6 hours ago

    Nice one! I found also this one but it seems it's for '19, looks really cool

  • exlibrisas 6 hours ago

    Black Mirror 1,2,3 and Gray Metter. Nothing will ever compare to those.
    Saint Kotar looks promising.

  • Dmitry B. 6 hours ago

    Is is to hard to display name of the game while you show a footage from it? It is very annoying when one have to guess

  • You forget about TSIOQUE, its coming this year! All hand drawn animation, very classic point and click game from Poland.

  • ercan yaman 6 hours ago

    very sad news.  did you guys knew the devil's men got canceld?

  • Basti Kyle 6 hours ago


    Ok, well that's solves all my problems

  • Spacek USA 6 hours ago

    Did I miss IJ Fate of Atlantis Special Edition :))))))

  • Land Patricio 6 hours ago

    Very nice stuff, I´d love to play most of this games. It looks like a great year for the adventure genre!

  • Rapizer 6 hours ago

    Love your point and click vids! Great Job!

  • Lars Pontoppidan 6 hours ago

    You missed Ո Օ Ո – the first warp (

  • ercan yaman 6 hours ago

    where is detective gallo? wasnt it supposed to come out in may or june this year?

  • Netknight 6 hours ago

    chuchel reminds of botanicula. don't escape looks very promising with lack of graphic quality. i don't understand why the companies still produce games like 8-16 bit graphics. yes the story and gameplay is everything but it is 2018 now. i don't like the way they choose, it's like they choose the easiset way. i want to see the universe of the game with clear and beautiful graphics, drawings and designing. for example "wadjet eye games" make wonderful games, but why 16 bit graphics?(by the way thimbleweed park is exceptional from this idea, because we see the purposes and reasons for this game).

    to sum up, i am going to wait for "trüberbrook" and "saint kotar" in this list. i think they will hit the mark. thank you for the list, good work 🙂

  • Kostya Sultanov 6 hours ago

    4:57 JENGO interface looks like Full Throttle )

  • Blacknut 6 hours ago

    Some of them looks very cool ! thank you for this video

  • michael lennon 6 hours ago

    great games but I wish you edited these videos down rather than showing the whole trailers. This video could have been 10 minutes long and still done just as good a job at showcasing the games..

  • Morse Code 6 hours ago

    A lot of interesting indie titles. I can't wait to cover them if they ever come out.