Best Horror Games of 2015 for PS4, XBOX One, PC, Mac OS x, Wii U. Get ready to get spooked! SUBSCRIBE for MORE:

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  • Kartikeya Srivastava 4 hours ago

    What's the name of the background track??

  • Blue_Song 4 hours ago

    1:10 This is Outlast 1

  • Aesthetic Cell 4 hours ago

    Did you fuck up the titles or something?

  • Darien Carter 4 hours ago

    Click bait much with the photo thing

  • Dr.Javed Health,Food and Beauty Tips 4 hours ago

    fatel frame is not for pc right ?

  • UnknownChannel 4 hours ago

    When you put outlast on the list this rating is not legit. Outlast is the most worse horror game i ever bought and play its a waste of money its not worthed

  • Helps out people 4 hours ago

    Doom makes this list coz fuck you doom.😂

  • Sam Matthews 4 hours ago

    outlast 2 has nothing in common with the original apart from the camera

  • miss.k .blush 4 hours ago

    doll house

  • Sonali Rai 4 hours ago

    My gosh!! I almost had a heart attack when Jake talked that way in the beginning! I was gonna close the video!

  • MovableFreak 4 hours ago

    Outlast 2 haha

  • Franlo de Vries 4 hours ago

    too bad silent hills is cancled 🙁

  • Nicklaus Mclean 4 hours ago

    The thumbnail for this video made me want to scratch myself

  • I love H.P love craft

  • pau xxiii 4 hours ago

    Should change the title to "10 Best Upcoming Horror games". Some of the games on this list never even came out and you admit to know nothing about them, yet it's the Best horror game of 2015?

  • Nuclear Snake 4 hours ago

    Wrong, you make these when the year is over not when the year starts.

  • Ricardo Cardoso 4 hours ago

    my god the theme of silent hill is so good, ^w^

  • Hector Mercado 4 hours ago

    Want 2 good ones ? Face Your Fears ; Spiders

  • jbdjejdv oqqbrow 4 hours ago

    layers of Fear!?!

  • Warner Paul 4 hours ago


  • Jagruk Anthwal 4 hours ago


  • MRSubscribe 4 hours ago

    how is the forest horror?
    its gory, but not horror

  • blood jim beam 4 hours ago

    du spaßt es ist outlast 1

  • Jamil Ahmed 4 hours ago

    Many of the listed titles weren't released or due for release in 2015. I was expecting a list of the best horror games of 2015 based on the video title.

  • TheUnpredictableSealion 4 hours ago

    R.I.P silent hills

  • Asura Shun 4 hours ago

    the guy in the thumbnail looks like that dude from jojo's bizarre adventure

  • Nino Perez 4 hours ago

    Hello .. wear truly sounds deeply fantayticreading :>

  • GeneralGalaxity 4 hours ago

    Did you just say…

    the FAHREST

  • Odollete Blue 4 hours ago

    this is painful to watch as I have no money to buy new game

  • Anonymous Rapper 4 hours ago

    the forest ???????? 2015 ????????

  • Isaiah Depue 4 hours ago

    Am I really the only one that thinks that silent hill games aren't that creepy?

  • LJ3783 4 hours ago

    Until Dawn kicks all sorts of ass!!!

  • Mystogan Jin 4 hours ago

    Come on we are all here to find horror games to play. we all watched what is to be relesed on 17 and so we search something keep us until then and…. we found nothing. all the titles taht we allready know and most of us can't play. 😛

  • Jenelyn Hardwick 4 hours ago

    suck that up men

  • the cool gamer 4 hours ago

    you make sure youl never talk like that again.

  • Khoa Nguyễn Ngọc Đăng 4 hours ago

    fatal frame's characters are as beautiful as always despite the fact that it's a horror game

  • Khalil Basha 4 hours ago

    no horror