Details Wow, it’s that time of the year again already?

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  • khalil sersoub 3 months ago

    احسن موقع

  • Shin Chan 3 months ago

    Which game at 16:45

  • PlayMMOGames 3 months ago

    I want see Kingdoms Under Fire 2 global. I played like 1 or 2 years ago and is a good game

  • DroidGamix 3 months ago

    Peria Chronicles is the game I am looking forward to the most, thanks for sharing!

  • borutoXhinata 3 months ago

    guys lets have one moment to see all thehard work this guy gose throught just for you guys his such a graet hardworker keep it up for us dude i hope youhit 1msubs fu** the haters xddddddddddd

  • Hirak Banerjee 3 months ago

    Hai… I m from India… I search many website, download many games by watching other YouTube videos… But almost half of the game r not playable for Asia (like Tera)… finally i found Blade And Soul which is very good game… but the problem is this game has a server shortage problem… I want to know is there any, any MMORPG able able in India????

  • rafik koudri 3 months ago

    thank you so much !!!

  • NoseQueWeaPoner 3 months ago

    el tipo nisiquiera habla español, y aun asi es mi principal youtuber para ver la primera vista de un juego, el tipo es preciso, no se alarga explicando, recomendable 100%

  • PSO2 won't be released to the West due to the whole culture difference and such (just look at the many games that were changed to better suit Western audiences). If you guys really want to play PSO2 just download the fan made English patch and be done with it.

  • Giorgi Mexa 3 months ago

    hey dickface title say free games and why u list games that arent free?

  • Sempai 3 months ago

    Paladins is dying..

  • Cabbage Lord 3 months ago

    Yo dude do you really think that BDO is going to be free? respond pls :3 i just picked it up right now (7days free trial),and I'd rly like to play more of it. $10 isnt that much but still id rather wait for the free version lol

  • ScorchTheTyphlosion 3 months ago

    Peria Chronicles
    Only two i want.. and cant wait

  • Gigantic best online game ever

  • Ethan Robison 3 months ago

    I don't know if you've already done a review. But, i'd love to see a review on Royal Quest a free to play MMORPG

  • Nathonix 3 months ago

    Battlerite isn't a MOBA game, it's a TAB (Team Arena Brawler) game. it even says that on their site:
    "Battlerite is a TEAM ARENA BRAWLER focused on adrenaline-fueled PvP combat."

  • Revelation Online it not for free

  • Gunnyc animation 3 months ago

    Is blade and soul related to the anime

  • the last parte of this movie is from what game? :O

  • Sphinx _07 3 months ago

    From ARPGs, for 2017 I have my hopes high for Revelation and MU Legend -I'm playing MU Origin on the smartphone in the meantime.

  • SCMike 3 months ago

    heads up if some ppl are thinking about playing Hero warz. They announced that they will go offline temporarily at march 26 of this year. They didn't give a date of when they will come back online so that's something to worry about. they're giving every player 2X exp and more loot drops until servers go down, so that's something I guess. :/

  • oscar hagberg 3 months ago

    What's the game in the intro? 🙂

  • daniel renan 3 months ago

    Battlerite have pay to play…. there is don't is free to play

  • terumi troll 3 months ago

    Sad cuz TOS is a good game and it's not even that IMC is a terrible company. I mean they still try to fix the game but I think they are just too small to handle it by themselves.

  • Homosuck 3 months ago

    Oh, Phantasy Star. :'(

  • bladewolf VII 3 months ago

    wait i thought black Dessert is pay to play?

  • Ahmet Fatih Usta 3 months ago

    Worst company in the F2P world – Nexon

  • Anonymous 133 3 months ago

    I'm sad, i didn't see WildStar, but is WildStar a 2016 game?!

  • 是JZ我靠 3 months ago

    B&S is definitely one of the best mmorpg out there right now with its graphics, character design, storyline. However, end game content and class balance in the game is probably one of the worst I have ever experienced. Game is also blatantly p2w (hardcore supporters say it's not p2w) but how would you define p2w in a mmorpg game – getting the best gears so you can show it off and clear harder dungeons. As a player who played since open beta and even a founder, really disappointed on the progression of B&S, would disagree with the game being the Best MMORPG of 2016, deserve credit reward for its graphics though, certainly the best I've seen.

  • Aroder 3 months ago

    i just want a good pokemon game for pc 🙁 welp waiting for bless online and revelation online bout it

  • Black Money 3 months ago

    what's the very first trailer from?

  • Daehawk 3 months ago

    I hate Nigri

  • Z. Raviel 3 months ago

    I know the channel name is "Free"MMOStation but I'd like to see a lists of best both free and b2p/p2p games (:

  • CrystalEmbrace 3 months ago

    soul worker and peria are my most looked forward to ahh can't forget about bless and revelation I've got so many to look out for but I only hope they turn out good :/

  • CrystalEmbrace 3 months ago

    I played the SAO one because well yea SAO but it was too boring XD I quit after the first 5 hours of just staring at my character run around like an idiot

  • SkitZ GaminG 3 months ago

    bns? seriously over bdo lol… bdo has way better graphics. also bns wasnt released in 2016

  • Wilson Chen Sanchez 3 months ago

    Spanish: Cuando quitan la ipblock de black desert en el 2017 09:15 es que la espera me esta matando, haber si en este año quitan el ipblock en latinoamerica

  • JensleySnipes 3 months ago

    "opinons are like assholes, everyone has one and most of they stink" haha

  • little ninja 3 months ago

    i wanna make my own mmorpg

  • some great looking games coming up. specially interested in soul worker and closers online! seriously wow! NEED RELEASE DATES!!

  • Soulfire Shadow 3 months ago

    Battlerite will be f2p but the thing is that you're awaring the f2p games from 2016 and many ppl didnt play it this year bcs you have to buy the early access, that includes me 🙁

  • aimir ara 3 months ago

    no one talking abt granblue fantasy

  • Vito 757 Ghost 3 months ago

    Elder Scroll wont be F2P.. what a dumbass. Video is fake news, foreal.

  • Kuba Gaicki 3 months ago

    Battlerite isn't MOBA at all. MOBA is game where you play 5v5 and it's the most important thing about MOBAs. In Battlerite you can only play 2v2 or 3v3 so..