A 3rd person survival horror where I have to find my mom and brother. A crappy lighter is the only thing keeping the darkness away. ▻Please consider …

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  • Mafuane 2 hours ago

    Nice the only thing that distracts me is his constant pimp walk

  • Zunaira Virk 2 hours ago

    When you are gona do True Fear part 2

  • matrixlone 2 hours ago

    Nice find 😃

  • Happy ClamGuy 2 hours ago

    Aside from a few glitches and the protagonist's pimp walk, this was a great little game. Very nostalgic, it made me think of the classic horror games.

  • AlessaLaraNitara 2 hours ago

    Let me chime in… many people are reminded of other games in the comments. For me, it has some Silent Hill vibe and I love it.

  • Lily Nerurkar 2 hours ago

    half of his shadow scares my shit

  • Alexander Willow 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry but was that a WEEPING ANGEL on that music box!! U should have stopped playing right there.

  • Contingence 2 hours ago

    The glitchy fog was just a fluke; I'm quite impressed by this game. Weird atmosphere, cool mechanics with the lighter, decent graphics, a palatable script/storyline. Cheers to the devs!

  • TheWoWExp 2 hours ago

    Even though I hate anything to do with dolls and horror, I love the movie you referenced–Dead Silence. This game looks like it has promise, but it seems like a lot of meager sound effects and anger toward a lighter that doesn't like to work.

  • N.Y H.M 2 hours ago

    This game has a lot of potential 👏

  • Pablo Ricardo 2 hours ago

    I love it! At the end is like WELCOME TO ALCHEMILLA! XD

  • Ani Sims 2 hours ago

    Insomnis would be a great game for you to check out!

  • Natasha Minor 2 hours ago

    The character model looks exactly like Quinton from Dead by Daylights Nightmare on Elm St pack. He's just wearing different colored clothes. I like this game tho, the fact it's free is wow and I hope this developer goes on to make more! I've seen terrible games on Steam sell for $10, this developer is good enough to charge some for games like this

  • Lizard Girl Gamer 2 hours ago

    Nice let's play. I haven't heard of this game before and glad I checked it out. You have nice vocal quality and excellent game choice. The game needs some work, but has a good atmosphere and visuals.

  • SleepyDrummer 2 hours ago

    Not as intriguing as Paracusia, but still pretty interesting.
    Kinda reminds me of Obscure.

  • washington1884 2 hours ago

    As a stand alone game, there's not much to it, so it's a bit disappointing; it's very incomplete. There seems so much more. However, if it's just a demo then I really look forward to more. I just hope the main scary element won't be "scary ghost girl", because I just don't find that a particularly frightening thing (personal preference, of course).

  • Oliver Sorrels 2 hours ago

    Reminds me of a Insidious movie

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic 2 hours ago

    Has potential. I'd like for it to bake a bit more just to make it slightly better.
    Oh and, if I ever play this game. I'm sure as hell using a macro for the mouse wheel.

  • badboy3420 2 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing your video CJUGames

  • Jonas Christensen 2 hours ago

    Our main man here walks like an absolute wanker I used to know some years back.

  • amna R 2 hours ago

    amazing game and realy thank you for playing it 💪🏻

  • Aerith Vynx 2 hours ago

    I love how this game makes you rely on the lighter as a tool for survival

  • Vi Xia 2 hours ago

    I love it! looks great, and its pretty creepy and tense. and that lighter. gosh, I'd probably rather just use it to set the place on fire and be done with it.

  • rose sham 2 hours ago

    I am from syria and I like your videos..👍

  • Jakafe 2 hours ago

    How is this indie AND free???