Oh boy, it’s time for more Sonic. Back in November of 2008, I originally did a few quick Sonic reviews showcasing all of Sonic’s 3D titles. I ended up deleting …

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  • FakkuElite 7 hours ago

    This aged better than Super Mario 64.

    Fite me.

  • eric gaza 7 hours ago

    I haven't cared for a sonic game since adventure 2, I'm so sorry…….i love mania though

  • Rehaan Niaz 7 hours ago

    I love this video and this channel

  • Mariokemon 7 hours ago

    oh JEEZ its been almost 6 years

  • charlie Neal 7 hours ago

    Love this video

  • LukeSky the player 7 hours ago

    Man, the adventure era was the best

  • triggerhappy 243 7 hours ago
  • John Brown 7 hours ago

    The Runaway guys make Big's story fun, but yeah nobody likes his fishing. And this is from a lover of fishing!

  • Maximus-Kanic 7 hours ago

    I know it's an unpopular opinion but SA1 > SA2……

    Original the comment

  • Alex Abdoukhakimov 7 hours ago

    28:40 I am traumatised

  • The MVP, Josey Wales 7 hours ago

    One of those classic quotes from Johnny:

    "I mean……. fuck it. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a Sonic the Hedgehog Marathon."

  • Chris - X 7 hours ago

    2018 and i still think he's a classic cluck and doesn't like modern morons tho

  • Yankier Perez 7 hours ago

    I still remember watching this video for the 1st time and waiting for you to upload the rest of the games. I didn’t realize how long ago this was. I must say Johnny that you have came a very long way and I believe you that you are a very underrated youtuber my friend. Your review are just perfect, they make me laugh until I fall out the chair. Thank you for making my late childhood a joy.

  • Bificalera2 7 hours ago

    So That's how modern sonic started

    And the nightmares too

  • -Hopeless situation Warrior- 7 hours ago


  • Robert M. Dunn 7 hours ago

    chaos emeralds = infinity stones

  • aroperdope 7 hours ago

    Adventure 3: Believe in it, look in the mirror and admit that you like fuzzies! I love em, so I won't judge 🌀

  • Majin Uuf 7 hours ago

    oh no

  • memesgalore05464 7 hours ago

    Adventure 2 is WAAAAAY better than Adventure 1

  • There's a mod for the glitched big now.

  • Invader 9 Productions 7 hours ago

    To this day, still my favorite Sonic game of all-time.

  • Elijah Mills 7 hours ago

    Who doesn't like the music? #leadinglights

  • Paul Estrada 7 hours ago

    Wait, what exactly caused Johnny to go into a state of pure confusion before he started talking about the GameCube Port?

  • Brad Cornelia 7 hours ago

    Totally lost it at the endgame Big the Cat graphics glitch. That would happen to me back on the DC as well. In fact, I would hope it would. lol

  • Pikachu Yoshi 7 hours ago

    15:48 "Oh No" – Knuckles, 1999

  • D12TRG 7 hours ago

    For some odd reason I enjoyed Amy's gameplay most.

  • Adam Poole 7 hours ago

    i remember playing part of this back when the dream cast launched an again about 5 or 6 years ago when the price on psn was super low.. like $5. in both cases this game is as bad as sonic 06 is.. it's like both adventure and 06 were made by half blind monkeys high on red bull.. both are terrible..besides sonic generations(which i still haven't played) there hasn't been a good sonic game since sonic the hedgehog 2

  • Dr. Depresso 7 hours ago

    I was in second grade when this video came out

  • Starbit Catcher 7 hours ago

    This made me laugh XD

  • Edgy_TheHedgy 7 hours ago

    29:14 PC version, Johnny. PC version.

  • Stephen Bundi 7 hours ago

    Just played through this game and I think it’s complete trash. Apart from the soundtrack and some aesthetics, this game aged very poorly.

    No disrespect to anyone that enjoys this game.

  • ULTRA ELITE 7 hours ago

    This game is JANK AS FUCK! Why are people so forgiving of this game?

  • Nestor Collazo 7 hours ago

    i love BIG. and i love AMY. fuck off already

  • Friendly Grimreaper 7 hours ago

    The DX version is why this game didn't aged well.

  • Jennifer Griel 7 hours ago

    Imagine how awesome gamma would be if he moved as fast as Sonic. Running at the speed of sound mowing down every enemy before they even see you coming. That would be so cool!

  • ptRexy 7 hours ago

    To me this is still the best Sonic ever controlled in 3d

  • Master Farr 7 hours ago

    Amy: Stop!
    Hammer time!

  • The Dinkles 7 hours ago

    Mario 64: Still one of the best games ever
    Sonic Adventure: Aged Horribly!
    It's so hard being a sonic fan…

    And yes. I like sonic adventure more than mario 64. sue me

  • Edward Isom 7 hours ago

    Knuckles has 5 stages speed highway casinoopolis red mt lost world and skydeck

  • vinnythewebsurfer 7 hours ago

    Gamma’s 1 good boss is legit the only good boss.

  • Elijah Mills 7 hours ago

    I like 4 and 2/3 out of 6 gameplay styles. You can guess them rather easily. No one likes Big. Hot Shelter as Amy sucks but the rest of her story is okay. Heh, is it wrong that at a young age I beat Perfect Chaos easily?

  • Elijah Mills 7 hours ago

    YOU DARE MOCK E-101 MK:II?  …You're immune to buildup.