With games like Yume Nikki, OFF, and To The Moon, RPG Maker has become quite the spicy meme indeed. So I wanted to review & recommend some horror …

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  • Shady blood 1 hour ago

    What is that game he showed off after that happi birft dey part

  • Akemi Homura 1 hour ago

    I regret playing Yume Nikki. it was such a waste of time.

  • Christian Novandinata 1 hour ago

    I prefer the Fangame Yume 2kki over Yume Nikki since I'm a weeb.
    Seriously tho, Yume 2kki have more Worlds than Yume Nikki, which is very great to kill times

  • Hermit Serphence 1 hour ago

    Ever heard of "the longing ribbon"? The sounds, the battle system and the dialogue all portray a visceral quality to it. You can easilly get rekt in the game for not managing your resources right.

  • Juan Perez 1 hour ago

    I didn't know you liked Death Grips! 15:50 made me smile.

  • Cinnamon Pumpkin 1 hour ago

    Hey ! You played Wadanohara (because some images were in the video) ? If so, what were you thoughts on it ?!

  • never again 1 hour ago



  • Manuel Varela 1 hour ago

    Great as always Thor, dude i looked up your bandcamp, hows the title song called? Couldn´t find it

  • Martin Ravn 1 hour ago

    Was it you who added the Death Grips sound effect at 15:46 or is it an in game sound?

  • ORATEUSDIJIN 1 hour ago

    15:48 I just felt noided

  • Lucretzia 1 hour ago

    I love your videos fam <3

  • StaySkeptic 1 hour ago

    Noo Thor whyd you show me jeff the killer his face creeps me the fuck out even though the creepypasta itself is so bad its the opposite og scary. Also I really like how your rpg maker game had a map penis. Great attention to detail.

  • Tentacle 1 hour ago

    OFF is intend delightful and worthy of its own video.

    The tone and pacing was on point in this video, providing a refreshing balance of personal opinion, humour, reasoning and core information regarding the games in question. Grand work fella

  • Disarae Plays 1 hour ago

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap , oh err hi…… Cool video….. Can you give me 5 mins please.

  • Fast Alladin Speed Force 1 hour ago

    Heard of Toilet In Wonderland? It's a parody of Yume Nikki clones and RPG Maker horrors. It's weird, oddly cute, and also fucking stupid. Theres memes, but they're of the obscure Japanese 2ch in-joke kind so they could be more weird than cringe. Also Mario is in it.

  • Lemurakk 1 hour ago

    Loved it man, keep it up.

  • Ole Gerko 1 hour ago

    Music at the start reminds me of King's Field 4. Also have you played The Count Lucanor? It's not RPG maker but i think it has some similarities in being low-fi top-down horror themed game, tho it's more of a legit game with gameplay, it's pretty great.

  • cool man 1 hour ago

    Creepiest YN fangame for me has to be LCD-Dem. Extremely shocking ending considering the lightheartedness of most of the areas, and then the dev removes all traces of himself off of the internet, and says "DO NOT TALK ABOUT LCD DEM", which causes the game to ooze mystery.

  • Twister 1 hour ago

    Nice video. Thumbs up!
    Do you have a discord?

  • Azzalack 1 hour ago

    Don't forget LISA, which spawned LISA: The Painful and LISA: The Joyful, all of which are RPG Maker games.

  • Markus Ranki 1 hour ago

    The actual-proper-polished-game'est RPG Maker horror game I've played so far has to be Pocket Mirror. It's got around 12h of content, multiple endings, insanely beautiful graphics and aesthetics, and an original score. The story is a nice blend of animu narrative conventions and heaps and heaps of mindfuck.
    If you like RPG Maker horror games, you should really give it a try! 🙂

  • BioPhoenix 1 hour ago

    this looks like a cool game. reminds me of corpse party also i remember the days where i would mess around with RPG maker. good times

  • Miguel Fujigawa 1 hour ago

    Images of Wadanohara without saying anything about Wadanohara (at least i haven't heard anithng).
    I am dissapointed.
    from SuperBunnyhop.
    joking, of course, but still, you said nothing about my favourite RPG Maker game and the best RPG Maker game i've ever played :'C
    Deep-Sea Prisoner needs more attention, even if it's now kinda garbage.

  • 15 Feet 1 hour ago

    Great video! I've had such incredible experiences with Ib and Yume Nikki. I agree that Ib excels in the gameplay department (along with some really creative moments), and Yumi Nikki is indescribably atmospheric (especially when played late at night). I'm always open to hear about other RPG maker horror games, and I definitely have more to add to the list now. Thanks!

  • KingFossilFER 1 hour ago

    Shame that Citadel of the whore (previously daydream cafe) never got released. Judging from the videos it looked genuinely creepy.