Last Time, On Timelord Gamer: The Planet Earth is under attack by metal machine men from space! President John McCain is Held Hostage! And Timelord …

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  • Jcreed88 6 hours ago

    "The big cheese" never thought in my life i'd ever hear a dalek say that

  • Burt Bobain 6 hours ago

    wtf, less than 200 views. hopping on the band wagon early bruh.

  • 212th Trooper 6 hours ago

    (Me doing math work).

    Me: "What is answer!?!"

    Timelord Gamer: "Maybe it's violence."

    (Pulls out C4).

  • sonic meerkat 6 hours ago

    all hail C4.

  • kachow

  • Crimson Minotaur 6 hours ago

    Not much of a Doctor Who fan, just watch separate clips. But I watched Blink in my English Reading. I freaked out in class, like I need this in my junior year.

  • Will Kosan 6 hours ago

    At least you kept the overwatch roast, thats GOLD

  • todmate 6 hours ago

    GG Nugga

  • Blackadder5 6 hours ago

    Just to clarify, TF2 TRUMPS Overwatch!

  • Timelord Gamer Show 6 hours ago

    Sorry for the reupload, there was an audio glitch in the first video where I was thanking everyone who helped with the review, it is fixed now, If you watched the first one, please leave a like :3