Today we are taking a look at Hollow for the Nintendo Switch! Hollow is a horror Switch game that comes out very soon, and is CREEPY! But does that make it …

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  • We Need More Attack on Titan 2 hours ago

    The scariest game for me is EASILY Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

  • demeY e 2 hours ago

    I disagree i feel outlast was super crazy scary i love it ill pick this up next

  • - MakdanY celui qui Suce Kalashniklove et youcka - 2 hours ago

    In France we had -90%
    Mmmmmmmmh 🤔

  • Kevin RICH 2 hours ago

    Currently -55% on the eshop !

  • nickwick35 2 hours ago

    It's 55% off. Definitely getting it.

  • [FC] ItZ DVUS 2 hours ago

    This game really isn’t even scary, IMO

    We need Alien Isolation on Switch

  • Danny Castiblanco 2 hours ago

    Just got this game for 10.00$ I had been waiting for it to release and for that it had come out. I’ve been playing for 20 mins I think it’s a decent horror space game .

  • nick doe 2 hours ago

    Hey Shaun, I Got A Question… What game would you recomend for a new switch owner, Im hopefully getting one next week and I've been watching the "Holy Switch Square" Reviews [from your channel, 8-Bit Eric, Beat Um' Up and Switch Force…]
    I got a big list (obviously) but I was wondering, if you would be willing to do a little back and forth convo, to help me out here.. After watching this review, I feel like "oh god…. forgot about Horror Games,"
    Would you recomend any of the current horror games for a first game buy? I don't love horror games but I don't mind them, last real scarry one I played was Doom3 (and that was mostly "jump" fear)
    – Thanks for your time in advance

  • D'von Antonio 2 hours ago

    As of March 25th it's 51% off, so I guess for 5 hours of gameplay, it's now worth the price for a little time.

  • GlassesGuy Game Analyst 2 hours ago

    it remind me of Enemy Zero on Sega Saturn

  • Eon_Gaming_Blacklight Retribution 2 hours ago

    Outlast was 20 bucks when it came out and it's basically a scary running and hiding simulator and it was maybe 3 hrs long, so for me it's worth it cause I love horror games and I'm liking it. I just did that exact thing on the first encounter, but now I know there's a gun there!

  • Cloud Strife 2 hours ago

    would you be reviewing outlast soon?

  • Zahidko LBañuelos 2 hours ago

    I buy it and its not scary and even boring

  • Crea 75 2 hours ago

    Chrono Trigger Switch

  • Samuel Saarinen 2 hours ago

    If you want a horror game on switch buy Outlast or even Layers of Fear, i wouldn't recommend this game it's very clunky, slow and confusing mess, AI is dumb and not scary in the slightest. Oh and if you enter a cutscene when chased by a monster, the gameplay won't stop and you're pretty much done for.

  • Bruce lee1947 2 hours ago

    I really enjoy this game , i especially like the twisted graphical style

  • I-am TheRealWill 2 hours ago

    Layers of fear was good too.

  • ChariotManGaming 2 hours ago

    I just tried this game out for $20 bucks! I think Forever Entertainment did a decent job with the Switch Version..Good review.

  • Cody Sexton 2 hours ago

    Outlast supposed to be coming in March 👍👍👍

  • Chris Toro 2 hours ago