There were a handful of horror games released for the SNES generation of consoles, but it was the PS1 the pioneered survival horror games for generations to …

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  • RICH PiANAS LAST SCOOP 10 hours ago

    Doom are you serious. What about the very awesome Nightmare Creatures or Exhumed??? Alien Trilogy..

  • flow repins666 10 hours ago

    Wtf doom is fps and the soundtrack is metal .
    Parasite Eve is rpg and dino crisis Is action, in resident evil the horror was actually cause you had to run from the zombies not blow them up. That's why re5 sucks turned to action.
    Any way good list except for that, silent Hill is not the best horror of PS1, is the best horror game ever.

  • flow repins666 10 hours ago

    Fuck Konami for ruining silent Hill and metal gear … Castlevania and all others. Hope they bankrupt and Sony buy they're franchises

  • Yishai Abaddon 10 hours ago

    Putting Evil Dead above Echo NIght? Can't say I agree with that conjecture at all. Also I wouldn't put doom at the list for multiple reasons. I understand this is your personal list, but I still find a lot of room to critique it and question your choices. This is what I would've picked (based on atmosphere, gameplay, story, originality, and creepiness):
    1. Silent Hill
    2. Resident evil 2
    3 Kouldelka
    4 Parasite Eve
    5 Clock Tower
    6 Echo night 2 (japan only, so I can understand that not being included)
    7 Juggernaut
    8 Shadow Tower
    9 Nightmare Creatures
    10 Hellnight

    Honorable mentions: Overblood, Alone in the dark NN and 2, , dino crisis, , Martian Gothic Unification Tecmo's deception. , D , Galerians, shadowman (play the n64 version instead), and chaos break (japan only), lsd (japan only, not a horror game necessarily, but it does has its moments of being creepy)

  • Yishai Abaddon 10 hours ago

    Also Juggernaut

  • 9ElevenGamer 10 hours ago

    Fear Effect's graphics still hold up.

  • E105_Alpha 10 hours ago

    they really need to do Dino Crisis remake

  • Fendera 10 hours ago

    Nightmare Ceatures 1 & 2 ?!

  • Kamil S. 10 hours ago

    What about Nightmare Creatures 1 & 2? These were pretty creepy.

  • Humorous LOL 10 hours ago

    Silent Hill.

    If there was ever a game that could scare the shit out of you, it's this one. I dare anyone to play this at night, sound up, completely in the dark. There is literally only like 3 jump scares in the entire game, the rest is pure psychological terror. Even as dated as the graphics look, the only other game that has scared me as much as this, and probably several times more is the P.T Silent Hills Demo which you unfortunately can't download anymore.

    The Resident Evil series is an extremely close second, though it leans more toward survival horror and is action oriented, meaning more (but very effective) jump scares. The atmosphere and music just completes the beautiful effect.

    Parasite Eve is pretty much a fusion of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil, and is an incredibly fun game. Less horror and more strategy mixed with suspense and action RPG elements.

    These are must plays if you are getting into PS1 games.

  • Akbar sarosa 10 hours ago

    Alone in the dark a new nightmare is good game and resident evil 2 dualshock the best game I played Leon and Claire redfiled

  • V.C Games 10 hours ago

    im the minority that when silent hill came out I got bored as hell, I wanted a game with resident evil production

  • V.C Games 10 hours ago

    disliked for saying doom is horror game, such stupid analogy

  • Gus Davis 10 hours ago

    Fuq is a psx, thought it was PlayStation, or ps1.

  • Gman Gman 10 hours ago

    WHERE IS THE RESIDENT EVIL 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leon johnson jr 10 hours ago

    what about (NIGHTMARE CREATURES)

  • Nelson Aguilera 10 hours ago

    =18 Download PS1 Games

  • 2prize 10 hours ago

    you sound like that techtite guy from 2009

  • Goku Super Saiyan 10 hours ago

    Nightmare Creatures?

  • The Resistance 10 hours ago

    ps1 era isa the best era in gaming history next is ps2 i reckon.

  • thirfy tash 10 hours ago

    I'd put resident evil 2 over silent hill, re1 should be on the list as well as it started it all, plus you forgot nightmare creatures and alien trilogy!

  • MauroGuedes 10 hours ago

    Holy crap dude! Echo night scared the hell outta me!!
    I remember playing it with my father right by my side and that creepy ghost girl turning the fucking lights off!!
    Hell, a light switch was never so hard to find!!

    Great video!!

  • Zivojin Budimirovic 10 hours ago

    Nightmare creatures 2.

  • Nicole Leah 10 hours ago

    Silent hill gave me nightmares when i was little. Made me not to go in the bathroom alone.