We present you our “13 Insane HORROR Games Coming in 2017 & Beyond on PS4/XBOX ONE/PC” List. Hope you enjoy it! (0:00) Last Year (2:30) Visage …

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  • Davide Pannone 8 hours ago

    How in the hell is the first game fair? Sure, they can fight back, but if you can despawn every time you want to you'd just abuse itt, despawn/spawn/kill/despawan and repeat… i don't get it. Unless it has some sort of cooldown but he said you can do it anytime you want to. Also, who the fuck will walk into such a huge trap without seeing it?

    Visage looks promising, i hope it's not just the classic you are blocked in the house and have to hide but it's more open. It has potential tho, the closet bit was cool.

    Also heathen looks cool. Kind of open worldish. I hope it's not like those crafting games tho. That'd be boring as fuck, i don't like those.

    CoC is clearly an AAA production and i like it so far. The atmosphere of the original CoC was AWESOME, the gamplay was shit tho.

    Project wight i like the premises, of being a monster hunted. It has potential imo. Altho i wish it was less combat based. Still i'd give it a go.

    The others didn't impress me that much. Ofc i'm going to play outlast 2, but i hope they changed some mechanics, or i would find it redundant after 2/3 hours. I'm ok with jumpscares, tho i don't think real horror is jumpscares. Jumpscares are loud noises, not horror. CoC or Alien Isolation are the perfect example of why i like horror. It's about the atmosphere first of all. You don't need jumpscares to frighten people.

  • ҜΣΣP CΔLM . 8 hours ago

    In my mind: usually you are doing what they think or if the person has the ability eyou especially else can not give him some kind in that situation use an actual problem as they would come across there with other characters he played his best at League?

  • MrRabinox 8 hours ago

    You gotta learn how to sell this top games setting man. YOu are bad at it… plus low graphics…

  • Oisin Osborne 8 hours ago

    you forgot The evil with in 2 it will put all these game to shame.

  • Zyptotic TV 8 hours ago


  • NILAY TESTER 8 hours ago

    1 game de

  • Sam Bikineh 8 hours ago

    this game seems fruty

  • I just finished playing outlast so im here looking for a competition horror game

  • Northstar Gaming 8 hours ago

    Sweeet channel!

  • Marilyn Navarro 8 hours ago

    Its all pc

  • Shu Eclipse 8 hours ago

    Roots of Insanity. AKA Outlast: The Ripoff

  • kevin mask 8 hours ago

    I wonder why horror games nowdays they all have to be in first person view, that really sucks, they all look the same and make you feel sick.

  • Jesus Christ 8 hours ago

    Steam is a lousy con artist company so I don't want to give them my business. Are all these pc games being available elsewhere such as Microsoft Store or anywheres not associated with Steam? I don't put money in the pocket of crooks.

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  • Snwmdsm Eidkwke 8 hours ago

    i wanna play that killer game at the beggining 😀

  • Agony seams to be pretty fucking sick!

  • Lord Gargamel 8 hours ago

    Man! Gaming has truly lost its edge. NOTHING but First person perspective games. That developer commenting that slasher game sound like he enjoys dick in his mouth. Like his game is any different than Friday the 13th. New ideas please!

  • FriedRice Pls 8 hours ago

    The first one is pretty much a shittier version of dead by daylight?

  • Irie Islo 8 hours ago

    "13 insane" ok….

  • Nikita Taranenko 8 hours ago

    Got the ancient Egyptian board game! Real stuff

  • Nikita Taranenko 8 hours ago

    What a fake horror made by men.

  • Kakin Kol 8 hours ago

    Wow ya quiero jugarlos 😀

  • I want dying light 2.

  • the reaper 8 hours ago

    last year looks awesome

  • nukeman1303 8 hours ago

    God dam it, the first game is a slasher game (I love killer games) but it's on pc in which my pic is a piece of shit. The despawn thing sounds shit aldo

  • The Hasty Slowpoke 8 hours ago

    Last year, call of chtulu and project white, maybe agony.

  • horror survival game 8 hours ago

    yes cool, donate my a idea for my futur video on my channel.very cool

  • Hayden Hazen 8 hours ago

    There is two games in that list that i'v played. Such as Little Nightmares and Outlast 2, They are both outstanding horror games.

  • Dang Le 8 hours ago

    As my opinion, Outlast 2 is worst than the first one. It did'nt scare me at all

  • RYan roSE 8 hours ago

    Agony will indeed be lit though.

  • DivaGirl10 8 hours ago

    when's the last of us 2 coming out?

  • Isaac Lee 8 hours ago

    Outlast trinity ten times better than Resident Evil 7

  • undying 8 hours ago

    Oh Wow Visage looks awesome I always wanted to be a killer but I don't like to be in jail hahaha

  • AXL trip 8 hours ago

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  • Milyinz Moran 8 hours ago

    Friday 13th parody😹

  • Tired_guy 13 8 hours ago

    Is really HELLO Neightbor a horror game? it has nothing to do with Horror

  • Insane Comedion 8 hours ago

    insAne you sAy!?

  • Retro Renaissance 8 hours ago

    I thought it was great when horror games saw a bit of a resurgence, but now these games all look the same, with the exception of little nightmares.

    The last thing the world needs is another haunted prison game with scary little girls or zombies.

  • Kie Ray 8 hours ago

    How about some games for the 360 players huh? Fucking assholes

  • Funnyguy27 8 hours ago

    Rubbish, fucking too many ad, fuck you, I watch one time it prompt 5 times Ad, fuck you

  • silience 8 hours ago

    Soo… no Project Frequency, then?

  • Filip laskovski 8 hours ago

    Okay the first game is disgusting!!!

  • Paipa Edmonds 8 hours ago


  • Wakane 8 hours ago

    Seems like most of them are Indie 3D FPS Horror games. Not that there're anything wrong with them, just don't forget to inplement Invert-Y and keybinding before release

  • Loukious 8 hours ago

    Why no mention of the Friday the 13th game? Comes out the 26th. Looks so much better than Last Year and allows you to fight vs Jason and hurt him

  • Olicon Bob 8 hours ago

    I've been excited for Last Year, forever now!

  • Yannick Naert 8 hours ago

    I need a manhunt 1 remake..