Hey guys, another 3 random horror games video! I don’t plan on making this an every-video thing, but it’s really a wasteland out there right now. Thanks for …

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  • Gissell Morin 4 months ago

    you sound like the guy who narrates Dragon Ball Z

  • Sergeant_Smidget 4 months ago

    The creator of the tithe is missing their calling. They should write stories instead. Those descriptions were powerful.

  • David McCormick 4 months ago

    I don't know what did you not uderstand about that card system being turned off…

  • Kevin Sandwich 4 months ago

    Wow that Macbeth quote

  • Daniel Kniffin 4 months ago

    You did sound pretty harsh criticizing the first one.
    Harshly Critical.

  • Cod3x Gamer 4 months ago

    Maybe they had a sex change thats why they are in a hospital

  • Melissa The Minx 4 months ago

    Seems like the Tithe writer is a Poe and Lovecraft fan. The writing wasn't bad, but teamed with a game that had a Bebbeh monster and was basically a simple maze game, it did make the writing seem pretentious and slightly ridiculous.

  • ArtisticDrummer 4 months ago


    #Depressed #MyChemicalRomance #WHYYY

  • rodgerwalnuts 4 months ago

    Definitely replay The Midnight Game. I remember you playing that.

  • zealouscrow 4 months ago

    I've definitely heard that menu music used in The Tithe before… can't put my finger on where though?

  • Tenebrous Nova 4 months ago

    Surprised John can so easily recall the names of all the crappy indie horror games he's played. They mostly blur into one for me.

  • elvensith001 4 months ago

    I posit that these people were assholes before they can became ghosts. Indeed, I believe that's part of what turns a person into a ghost in the first place.

  • Aldo Parziale 4 months ago

    First game was just awful, second game had great world building and story that had potential, unfortunately however, the gameplay was next to nothing and 5-10 min long, the story was longer than the game, if they actually put as much effort, time, and talented ideas as they spent on the gameplay and mechanics as they did that story it would've been all around great, I thought the third game was better than credit given, however, to me I think it was only another little piece to that game like an actual story that you go through against that ghost and then other ghosts like her along the way, maybe all with different strengths and abilities as far as what they can do and do to you and the environment, possibly each having unique ways they manipulate it to slow down, stop, and or kill you, rather than candle collection simulation game, I think the one ghost's voice acting and dialogue were done really well, I believe with a little more atmosphere that's dark, twisted, and creepy along with some other subtle sounds, visuals, and motions for her to be amongst while angrily hunting you down with pure hate and that game would be fucking amazing and it's honestly more than possible and something that is only needed to be added to an almost complete game already with a great foundation in place for it to be a reality but I know that's not happening but would love if someone somehow ends up making that exact game with this woman voice actor for it saying shit just like this and a bunch of equally great talent being what I think would be scary, creepy, dangerous ghosts

  • I still like how you give a good review on the games and still a bit critical at the same time

  • Lex Monroe 4 months ago

    New Sub here! John your awesome! Do not change. I love how laid back, cynical and genuine you are. This is my new fav channel, already binge watching your stuff lol

  • Name And Address Supplied 4 months ago

    In Australia, New Zealand & Britain we pronounce Tamara as Tah – mar – rah which of course can also be shortened to Tammy.

  • michie123 4 months ago

    At the end of the first game, my boy Harshcritical reared his pretty little head. I missed referring you as "harsh" way back then. haha.

  • Gotta say… you've got an exceptional memory!

  • Jason Davis 4 months ago

    The song you heard was resident of evil 5

  • Cool Girl 4 months ago

    Deadstep is like the worst bootleg of the Horror Game Wendigo, it has the same layout as Wendigo, has the same house as Wendigo, and the same mechanics as Wendigo lol 😂

  • Jerry Wijaya 4 months ago


  • Morgan Taylor 4 months ago

    5:12 Unless they're telling you how a name is phonetically pronounced, I agree with you John. Let people pronounce names however they like. Like for example Xin Zhao. Phonetically it's pronounced Hin Hoaw, but most english speakers I know pronounce it as Zin Zshaow. The latter is phonetically wrong, but not a wrong pronunciation. If that makes any sense at all.

  • Looks like this is gonna be another one I just skim through. No affence to John it's the games that are boring as fuck.

  • The Void 4 months ago

    Bet you wont be shocked to find out that the map(s) in Deadstep are also bought..

  • ultimaT 4 months ago

    12:00 John the music was in dead end drive.

  • ultimaT 4 months ago

    John i always wanted to make an rpg where you got to the last boss but it turned out someone else ended up beating him.

  • Chris Thistle 4 months ago

    So john I didn't realise I'd be watching jack septiceyes video of exiles twice haha. Just being curious are you copying his words for fun or was this a little fan based easter egg

  • Asrael 4 months ago

    Honestly I'm surprised you can remember any of these games as distinct from one another. I know I'd be like "Oh yeah that was uh.. the game with the house uh… 'Life In Dark After Death'? Y'know the uh Unity game, probably, or maybe it was an Amnesia custom story."

  • DisisWeegee 4 months ago

    Ah, yes. Most people pronounce it "John," but I prefer to pronounce it, "Joon"

  • softext 4 months ago

    The Midnight Man inspired game you did? PLEEEEASE do that soon :D. Your personality and this game give such an enjoyable depth when you really get going. It really rattled me with right ambiance BGM and the Threat's timing in appearances. That BGM is extremely important to me as much as anything else about it.

  • Nate Yager 4 months ago

    """HHHiii ggguuuyyysss,,, IIIttt'''sss JJJooohhhnnn…"""

  • JackSkxllxngtxn 4 months ago

    3 shitty horror games is by far the best format. Markiplier used to do it like that.

  • Average Medium 4 months ago

    Marshly Critikal

  • TheNessaFace 4 months ago

    I also pronounce Tamara as Tamara.

  • Ooh John I love ur hair in this vid!!

  • Tripp426 4 months ago

    9:36 looks like John's statement still stands. Tithe isn't bad, just short. Deadstep sounds like a new dance move or a new genre of music that replaces dubstep.

  • Peter Franc 4 months ago

    I was hoping DEADSTEP was going to about a murderous DJ using his dubstep music to kill.

  • I love this video format! The collection of bite-sized horror games! This is my new favorite format of yours!

  • Le Courgeon 4 months ago

    First game Cry of Fear wannabe? The sound John didn't know where he heard from I think are from Cry of Fear (but I could absolutely be wrong).

  • OldeVikingOriginal 4 months ago

    I wonder what your expectations are for your community. Especially when you feel like you have to explain the pronunciation of "Helena" and that everyone says it differently.

  • Floofy Jackal 4 months ago

    More people should learn to use Blender for modeling assets. It's free and easy to use. also modeling isn't as hard as some people might believe. This is obviously in response to the game Exiles. needs work.

  • bravo075 4 months ago

    sigh another asset flip. These "devs" should not do horror if they don't know what "horror" means.

  • Jack Williams 4 months ago

    Prison architect theme tune

  • Andrew V 4 months ago

    I particularly enjoyed your banter this episode. Great moves keep it up

  • Mr. Negative Nancy 4 months ago

    7:55 Don't you try to tell me my guns should be less accessible. Liberals erveywhere

  • TrixTer 4 months ago

    "nictos" comes from ancient Greek, not latin.

  • Kolasi Mitera 4 months ago

    "do you wanna be stuck with ME for eternity?" if ur a ghost u can go kick that other ghosts ass for killing u