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  • WoodyTheBluebird 1 week ago

    Good debate guys and great video! I’ve now bought and played this and I’d say that a ‘2’ is the right answer for this one. I am enjoying it, but I just can’t say it’s worthy of a ‘1’…

  • shantomio 1 week ago

    I really liked Mervils!
    It does a lot of cool tricks and things other games don't. Just remember, it feels and is a little budget. But hey, for 20 or less, I couldn't compain.

  • Stimpson J Kat 1 week ago

    It's a "mervil" you finally got round to doing this!

  • Johnny Dee 1 week ago

    So I'm waiting for my PSRV to arrive and I don't know what game to play first. Blasters of the Universe, FF15 Fishing, Crystal Rift, Mervils, Rush for Blood, RE7 or Skyrim. I'm definitely gonna have fun. 😀

  • Scruff Zilla 1 week ago

    With all the amazing releases since the the last Top 10 video, any chance we get an updated Top 10 list soon?

    PS: Love the content as always. 👍🏼

  • Tooting Bowles 1 week ago

    Hey guys, Dez is totally going to hate me for this suggestion but you really need to do an episode about Megaton Rainfall, arguably one of the most extraordinary PSVR games out there.

  • Grimcatnip The Game Cat 1 week ago

    I still vote for Thumper if Dez is able ^_^

  • lipnox88 1 week ago

    i played a little past halfway and grew to hate this game for the complaints you mentioned. will also point out that the puzzles are a core reason I think this game isnt worth your time. Had it been a simple plat-former I would say yes $12 but for the $27 canadian I paid for this I could never recommend it

  • Richard Baqui 1 week ago


  • Zangy 1 week ago

    What do you guys talk about when the intro music is playing just wondering?

  • Joe Monahan: GameCat 1 week ago

    LOL.. I wish I had time to watch you two hash this out! I'll watch when I get home tonight!
    Hey Dez I have a new tour schedule, we are coming your way, I'll send you an email, with the date, it's in August, hopefully things will work out this time.

  • Nick Garcia 1 week ago

    Bryan did u jump into a time machine? you look a few years younger in this video.

  • tellarite3000 1 week ago

    You crazy bastards, you actually went and did it! Impressed and grateful. Starting the video now (this gon be gud).

  • lord chaos 1 week ago

    The episode we've all been waiting for!!😀

  • Oracle Ofjamie 1 week ago

    I liked the Dragon boss fight.

  • Justin Perrotta 1 week ago

    Lol gotta add a few other points, one being even just flying thru. This game is taking me way longer then 4 hours just saying. I wish their new game was Mervils 2 bc this game is great and screams Mario 64. I like the progression system if u don’t look for it you may finish the game without utilizing it. Some of the puzzles are more difficult then expected. I love that u can skip past the voice acting cut scenes. I wish I could play this in first person mode I think that would be a fun way to play from time to time. Also man I loved Robot rescue and really wish it was a full title. I loved how it used the touch pad etc. mervils is well worth the price especially if u grab it on sale. Theirs a bunch of content here.

  • Justin Perrotta 1 week ago

    I think this was the “Mario game” that Steven Spielberg played on psvr. Opening level looks like a mushroom kingdom.

  • btribble 1 week ago

    I always thought of Mervils as "maybe I'll try it some day if I have extra time and if it's on sale for $5-7". As far as possible future games, this is kind of a weird one, but I've always been curious if your view of Cavernous Wastes would be the same now as it was almost a year ago. From the original review you did, Cavernous Wastes sounded just interesting enough for me to try one day – but I still haven't bought it. I've been waiting for a sale in that same $5-7 range, but it just never is.

    A couple other games that might be good fits for "overlooked games" are CubeWorks and SuperHyperCube. Any other ideas?

  • Roy Schwartz 1 week ago

    Hey guys!!!✌ I'm tempted to get Raw Data any advice?#topic it's a thing?? Lol

  • btribble 1 week ago

    9:35 "Getting coins… getting coins… ah F it, let's just move on."

  • JustanObserver the Gamedog 1 week ago

    Just had a great idea! If Bryan does some voice acting they should make one NPC or enemy that just goes “arkparkarkparkarkparkarkpark” 😂

  • Arnold Rivers 1 week ago

    I see it as a low budget mario 64 and Zelda: A link to the past/ocarina of time, in VR. And that's not a bad thing at all!
    Its a definite 1 for me. I love it.

  • Meow Dow 1 week ago

    I think another thing you guys should take into account is the “kid factor.” Some games that maybe me or you wouldn’t love, kids would absolutely love. I know for a fact that my little brothers would absolutely love Mervils. But then again… Bryan is actually a 12 year old girl, so maybe we already get the kid factor lol.

  • Jonny Menthol The Village Furball 1 week ago

    Dezhra. You really need to just play games with regular/loco motion and ease the motion sickness out. I haven't met one person or read of anyone who didn't cure their motion sickness after time. Tough it out damn, you're a VR reviewer. Takes breaks as you feel it coming on then jump back in,rinse and repeat until you're body and mind has gotten the message.

  • CORNERSTONECITY777 1 week ago

    VR developers who have had their games at the same price need to understand, there are ALOT of 2D games on sale on the store that are cheaper and are a bigger draw to players. I got my PS4 PRO just to do VR , but ive got over the sales at least 20 TV games on sale for about $6 -$10 each just because they are so cheap and you know it is a great game to replay through. Im not trying to be cheap, but PSVR is , if you think about it, competing with the PS4 itself.

  • Ebenezer Spludge 1 week ago

    Finally ha ha we did ask for this. I feel this plays more like a Spyro as a platformer than a Mario. I enjoyed this game. I like the way the camera was handled. I didn't experience any crashes or glitches.

  • POOKISTAN 1 week ago

    Oh gawd – The prophecy has been fulfilled!

  • ToKnowIsToDie 1 week ago

    On one side if we don't support smaller games in vr so they turn a profit, larger software developers will see it as a dying industry and not develop games for it. On the other side, if we continue to buy shovel-ware games, companies will continue to push them at us until we stop buying them. It's a catch 22 #viewertakeover

  • Im Lord Guille 1 week ago

    11:22 Amazing jump

    13:10 Can you edit the sounds in next time? (And we want your voice in a game!)

    17:04 what about Bound? The VR implementation was great!

    You mentioned there were motion sickness options, like a static camera. How are the rollercoaster sections with it? Because it seems unplayable that way

  • oren mazor 1 week ago

    Finally Mervils! now thumper pleeeeeeease

  • Gumball'sGameroom 1 week ago

    Oh I've been dying for this one!!! I love Mervils! Its still in my top 10. You guys are rockstars. =]

  • AHOBIT 1 week ago

    lol got the hobbit joke from that book

  • ashleyayak 1 week ago

    No F"ing Way ! Dezrah played Mervils ! I was going to play some VR but now I have to watch this ! 😀

  • Justin Perrotta 1 week ago

    Mervils is a great game, I love it and still haven't beat the damn game yet. Def worth the $20

  • Haplo784 1 week ago

    Robinson the journey

  • Jimi Blues 1 week ago

    Last alert on turbographx cd had the worst voice acting.

  • JC4M the Gamedog 1 week ago

    Oh no it’s finally here

  • DarthLuscious 1 week ago

    Loved Mervils over here.

  • Im Lord Guille 1 week ago

    I always wondered what do you say at the beginning of these videos, you should add these little parts unmuted to Patreon!

  • William Brinkley 1 week ago

    Oh no! Why is Dez leaving?

  • Da Drunk Gamer 1 week ago

    Been wondering about this game… Thanks!

  • DrDooom the Gamecat 1 week ago

    Is Dez coming back? Tune in next week, same bat time and same bat channel. Can the dynamic duo make it through the whole episode without Dez doing a mic drop and walking away?

  • DrDooom the Gamecat 1 week ago

    Are you kidding me!!! presses pause to go find popcorn I'll be right back.