This steam game promises an open world horror experience you can play in singleplayer or co-op. But I didn’t expect the riddles. ▻Please consider …

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  • Dark Ascension21 10 hours ago

    All The riddles seemed too easy and a waste of time. They were literally 70%of the game

  • Mr Whiskers 10 hours ago

    Hi bro subbed and liked. New favorite youtuber

  • David R 10 hours ago

    The riddles ARE easy. These riddles are ALL common riddles. Honestly, needing to look these up was kinda a surprise to me, I got most of these very quickly when I played.

  • CapitalGearGaming 10 hours ago

    You should've done some of their voice acting! XD

  • Kassel Danger 10 hours ago

    Good thing I was watching this whilst sitting on the toilet because I shit at 13:40

  • Sour Gummy Worms 10 hours ago

    What a lazy, uncreative ending. The storyline hardly existed to begin with but they could’ve at least put effort into the end. To me the only scary thing was Cyrus. Like, I wanted to know why he was always in that bar. Why is he so obsessed with riddles, forcing the protagonist to interact with him? Seems like a profoundly lonely character. I wish the devs had developed a side story about him, because he was annoying but creepily interesting.

  • Ian Hall 10 hours ago

    definitely a pretty bad game. No real build up. Not really a survival game but more of a puzzle game. The ending was just… virtually non-existent.

  • Ryan Manley 10 hours ago

    This game sucked pretty hard, boring game play, really bad graphics, un original enemies, full of bugs, 0 voice acting, very little effort was put into this bundle of mess, they should not be charging money for it.

  • SpencerFcp 10 hours ago

    Literally the only Youtuber where I'll make a point to go through an entire playlist and like every video once I'm done with a series. Your commentary is always on point.

  • The Nezk 10 hours ago

    Shut The Fuck Up.. And Just Play The Game

  • Matthew BO 10 hours ago

    Dude stfu stop talking and just play! Your voice is so fkn annoying

  • Kurayami No Tenshi 10 hours ago


  • Mrs_ Eve 10 hours ago

    Sub from your videos.

  • Mrs_ Eve 10 hours ago

    Oh my gosh this is super creepy.😥

  • Amanda Kopecky 10 hours ago

    Blegh. That ending made me so frustrated. That being said; why don'y you like David Bowie ala Twin Peaks! haha. Found you the other week and am SO glad 🙂

  • Alexander Willow 10 hours ago

    The game has good monsters. I always find the mannequins to be one of the scarier monsters in horror games when they are used correctly. The monsters from the apartments were well done to but I have to say the major drawback for this game was the riddles portion. When you have them in games there should always be some sort of clues as to their answer.

    These ones were really hard I would have stopped playing after the first few but when I am watching them I find it easier to drone out these parts so I can get to just the actual gameplay. Plus you have great commentary so that makes it less boring to tell you the truth I have no idea how you figured some of these riddles out. You are way smarter than me.

  • Alexandria Trenier 10 hours ago

    I like these monsters they aren’t threatening or at least don’t look like it , also they’re kinda cute

  • Razcy Yahoo 10 hours ago

    This guy very good at acting.

  • Ramone Ragez 10 hours ago


  • Ismael Jimenez 10 hours ago

    Shitty game, lost an hour of my time. Good walkthrough though.

  • gamer girl 10 hours ago

    I hate games like this because i know there already gonna be scary i had a game. Its just soo scary im just soooo scared!!!😱…

  • Frank Boogaard 10 hours ago

    Stop liking one engine. The road in this game, powered by Unreal, is a wet messy mess of assets