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  • Caelestibus kyrie 4 hours ago

    You are doing amazing videos !!
    It would be great if u make a top of Samurai/ronin ,Edo Time , Rpg !

    Or a Top of PvP Games via LAN ,not local in the same pc, LAN,
    Thanks for ur videos !

  • iliacinoce anpo 4 hours ago

    tnx it's a good video but can you do games for 128mb graphics card please answer me

  • Daily Fortnite battle Royale Moments 4 hours ago

    just make vids thar games required only 1gb of ram plssss

  • AnonymousTutorials 4 hours ago

    best sniper games for low pc please 🙂

  • Qri Queen 4 hours ago

    great vids as always
    would you pls upload games similar as dead space

  • Hassan Khan 4 hours ago

    Sorry These Games Are Not Good Make More Videos

  • Jeai Play 4 hours ago

    you basterd 6gb ram dislike

  • Jeai Play 4 hours ago

    iam goin to watch the vid if you hav high games its dislike