Support me on Patreon: Get ready for an action packed adventure! Here is the top 10 Mac Action-Adventure games.

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  • Yehuda Paley 26 mins ago

    i know bc i bought it and now i have to return it bc my computer is a piece of shit

  • Yehuda Paley 26 mins ago

    thief requires a good processor

  • 3dsXploit 26 mins ago

    ?! in sleeping dogs you used a Windows computer! (cursor)

  • SomeGuyOnline 26 mins ago

    Hey Mac I know that this isn't what you do but can you make top 10 worst mac games

  • Matias Fernandez 26 mins ago

    Awesome, thanx for the updates … just a question, why does your voice sounds like Alan Rickman?

  • caelaminte 26 mins ago

    Well, I just built a PC, but I'm still subscribed because even though I'm not a mac gamer anymore, I continue to learn about unique games from this channel.

  • Max Payne multiplayer isn't working for me and idk why(

  • Messiah38 26 mins ago

    I don't understand why Mac game developers can't get witcher 3, the new hitman game. PC game developers are dicks to us Mac gamers.

  • Raul Reduan 26 mins ago

    What mac do u have ? I think u made a good choice removing your intro

  • Nameless Hero 26 mins ago


  • Who Dis 26 mins ago

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Jai Panchal 26 mins ago

    Definitely agree with that list!! But i dint liked sleeping dogs!! I had that game in my xbox it was very bad!! Well… Nice video😌😀

  • Prestiige 26 mins ago

    Amazing vid!

  • Yusa_1905 26 mins ago

    And when i play spec ops the line with a controller(ps4) its glitching and my character just looks up :/

  • Yusa_1905 26 mins ago

    Nice video buddy

  • SomeGuyOnline 26 mins ago

    Thanks for the games