Adventure games (PC, PS4, Xbox One, mobile, etc) is one of the broadest categories in games but also one of the best. Here are the 2016 adventure games …

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  • yung milli 24 mins ago

    Everybody's saying all these indie games are crap but oxenfree is amazing

  • Mÿ Øwń Ëüphøřįä 24 mins ago

    theres no oxenfree in my play store can anyone tell me if its just my phone or if its just me please tell me how to install it please

  • daAmazin FatB0y 24 mins ago

    Man I need suttin like SOMA.

  • the boidhism channel 24 mins ago

    #1 no man's sky

    bursts into uncontrollable laughter

  • Chris Sauve 24 mins ago

    thimbleweed = Mulder and scully

  • Goku of pride Goku of pride 24 mins ago

    what the—-

  • QuickFlix Studios 24 mins ago


  • The Potato Gamer 1213 24 mins ago


  • Pacho Stan 24 mins ago

    Pfhahhaahahha #10 too bad it's not 2016 anymore and how is a telltale game adventure

  • GenocideKS 24 mins ago


  • Η βαρόνη 24 mins ago

    Your description of No Man's Sky does not define an adventure game, it defines a sandbox/open world setting. Adventure has always been about playing through a story. If there's no story, there's no adventure. God damn it's no surprise there are so many people in the comments clearly too young to know what adventure games are.

  • Rrock Cj 24 mins ago

    When I typed "Adventure games 2016" I expected something like Rise of Tomb Rider, and not that shit!

  • Curtis Newton 24 mins ago

    FUCK TELLTALES !!! these are everything but games

  • darren591 24 mins ago

    bet you motherfuckers are embarrassed about buying into the man's sky hype.

  • Not FBI 24 mins ago

    euw no mans sky

  • Pete Shannon 24 mins ago

    To gameranx: Why edit away all the spaces between your spoken sentences? It sounds ridiculous and is annoying as hell. I always have your voice muted, because I can't stand it.

  • Mark Chin 24 mins ago

    Oh Look No Man Sky! …….. hehehehe if only we knew.

  • Red Sea Giant - Hearthstone 24 mins ago

    Firewatch looks really interesting, can't wait to play it.

  • E heyena J 24 mins ago

    supina no charge, nor demestikation. zack efrums law 110

  • TECHNFUNN 24 mins ago

    Mine one is "The Witness"Has anyone played this game so far?

  • jhgfujygvflyuisdgvljkshg sacascascasfaf 24 mins ago

    Ass list tbh

  • The KnifE 24 mins ago

    No Man's Sky, the biggest joke of 2016.

  • Yan is 24 mins ago

    wtf :/

  • Vance Baryn 24 mins ago

    You put No Man's Sky at #1?? That's not an adventure game. You went through this whole list and then when you got to the #1 slot you promptly forgot what you were talking about. Suddenly you forgot you were talking about the GENRE of games called "adventure games" and decided this other game must qualify because "it's an adventure." Did someone pay you to do that or something? I mean it seemed like you knew what you were talking about… the rest of the list consist of actual adventure games and then you get to #1 and forget what an adventure game is. "While there isn't exactly a plot…" Then it's NOT an adventure game! Having a plot is one of the defining features of adventure games.

  • Ivan Kovacevic 24 mins ago

    can someone help? few months back i saw the trailer for NMS and watching that i thought i should watch what similar games are coming out in 2016
    and i saw a game where all your actions have weight, the graphics were like NMS, and you could trade with other players, build things, explore, but also destroy the planet
    but the point is i cant remember the game name…

  • Kyle Ramsey 24 mins ago

    Still really want to be hopeful for Walking Dead season 3 but I'm a little bit more reserved after season 2 which I thought was pretty horrible for the most part.

  • Benji Bonick 24 mins ago


  • Nick Bc 24 mins ago

    You call these "Adventure games?" …

  • How the hell isn't The Last Guardian not on here?

  • Juan Ruiz 24 mins ago

    When are the telltale games coming out?

  • Random Guy 24 mins ago

    Hey what about inside it is an good indie and adventure game.

  • KazeRV 24 mins ago

    2:57 isn't that the Broken Sword background? The original one, where you have to untie your hands and kill that spider?

  • Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams 24 mins ago

    Telltale has over-stayed their welcome. They need to stop.

  • Leandro Batista 24 mins ago

    Zero Time Dilemma deserved a better spot on the list.

  • Freddie Fuzbear 24 mins ago

    No mans sky if it was for Xbox one

  • Eelke Westra 24 mins ago

    Game of thrones is end 2015

  • Gavin Rafferty 24 mins ago

    They didn't put xbox one for the walking dead

  • MrStatistx 24 mins ago

    Sorry but calling No mans sky adventure game then your list is super inconsistent.
    The other games you mentioned are the ones that are actually in the GENRE "Adventure" but No mans sky is an adventure just as every other game where you travel through a world is an adventure, but not in that same named genre.

  • so hyped up for walking dead 3

  • Rax Savvage 24 mins ago

    firewatch builds to fuck all.

  • Rax Savvage 24 mins ago

    this list was useful to me

  • James O'Neill 24 mins ago

    No mans sky 100%

  • Nikida Marshall 24 mins ago

    Is still waiting for RDR2

  • Nikida Marshall 24 mins ago

    Is still waiting for RDR2

  • Amber Barber 24 mins ago


  • Carolina Boy 24 mins ago

    Walking dead season 3 there were sup many endings on season 2 I thought it would never come I'm so fucking happy

  • Hero3dBryan 24 mins ago

    It sucks that No Man's Sky is going to be a PS4 and PC exclusive… they could've made tons of money if they made it available for all consoles… not including Nintendo consoles of course.

  • xBlunty 757 24 mins ago

    no mans sky

  • felixmdx 24 mins ago

    TWD S3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!