2017 is already making us happy with great game releases for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Here are our favorite 2017 games so far. Subscribe for …

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  • Dish Washer 9 hours ago

    fuk botw

  • your games are crap

  • Alexsya omg Baker 9 hours ago

    dirt is a sim lol it says it in the back of disc cover lol…

  • Christian Larsen 9 hours ago

    elder scrolls legends is just bethesda cashing in on the card game trend

  • Barry Allen 9 hours ago

    How is injustice 2 13th it got best fighting game of the year 2017

  • Most Played Colorful 9 hours ago

    great channel we have subscribed

  • Diego Lopez 9 hours ago

    Actually Friday is kind of a rip of dead by dead light dbd was made on 2015 I think and Friday I think was made on 2017 i guess

  • TomX sams 9 hours ago

    zelda is shit

  • Potap Grom 9 hours ago

    Fortnite is a great game lots of people play it leave a like if you want that game and if you play the game also leave a like

  • Tdubbzz 25 9 hours ago

    Dbd shooter

  • Артур Болотов 9 hours ago

    Please advise online games like: Black Squad, Evolve Stage 2, Point Blank. Or they lure the idea for example like: Deceit.

  • Yustplay_TV 9 hours ago

    Most of them are all shit

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  • Esha Kulkarni 9 hours ago

    HELL YES. What remains of Edith Finch is my favorite game of 2017, followed closely by BOTW.

  • TornadoWhirl33 9 hours ago

    Breath of the Wild and Zero Dawn have one thing in common: They both delivered some disappointing DLCs.

  • 松萧劲 9 hours ago

    you went from injustice to tekken. that is like gold to shit

  • TallMist 9 hours ago

    Breath of the Wild was so bad, though. Poor performance issues on the WiiU (I know it was optimized for Switch, but if you're going to port something to another console, you should make sure it WORKS on that consoles) and your weapons break every 5 attacks. And the master sword never recharges. I used its ability once. ONCE. And waited an hour and a half for it to come back. It didn't. A game looking pretty and having 4 cool puzzles or so does not make a game good.

  • Simon Coope 9 hours ago

    Good God you almost turned full Leafy at the beginning, thank god you recovered

  • Blake Bond 9 hours ago

    Resident Evil 7

  • Nikola Dostanic 9 hours ago

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  • CrazyGamerGirl 97 9 hours ago

    Persona 5 was my favourite game of 2017. Been playing it so much and I have over 200 hours on it.

  • Sir Funk Owl 9 hours ago

    I was playing injustice 2 while watching this

  • Parrots4Life 9 hours ago

    Title should be "top 15 best action/war/killing games" as these are all the same thing! Where are the adventure games?! The fantasy ones, RPG and all the other ones? I'm half way through the video and I doubt the rest is worth watching because I'm not seeing any change in genre or game type. Seriously….why.