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  • Chrisjb1983 4 hours ago

    Forgot about a top 10. Lol

  • Tahmid Khan 4 hours ago

    why does this guy only have 2k subs ?

  • BradBuckMusic 4 hours ago

    So as soon as you put the last of us as number 20 i stopped watching as you dont have a fucking clue what you are on about. Plus your voice is annoying

  • leo francisco 4 hours ago

    wtf is this fuckin shit of video

  • Hisham Salah 4 hours ago

    Dead Space 2 ❤

  • Black Pug 4 hours ago

    Condemned is garbage.

  • 9ElevenGamer 4 hours ago

    Great choices.

  • Tina Walker 4 hours ago

    the evil within is not bad

  • Valadin Celtic Heroes Games 4 hours ago

    what game is that girl on the thumbnail from? please answer

  • Will Levy 4 hours ago

    You think last of us is scary 😂😂😂

  • Connor Mills 4 hours ago

    omg song in background is from parasite eve 2 my favourite ps1 game

  • Kurt Pace 4 hours ago

    no part 2?

  • Mich Ches 4 hours ago

    No one ever mentions parasite Eve games I think very creepy.

  • Jean Reno 4 hours ago

    oh yeah this is Shakira loll

  • Peter Steinweg 4 hours ago

    A very interesting list, very personal and thus much more inspiring than the usual IGN/Gamespot/Gametrailers stuff!

  • OverL00k 4 hours ago

    The evil within wasn't that bad.

  • Raeyne Jaymeson 4 hours ago

    Remember the parts that make a horror game are music, atmosphere and story.

    Music: Its has to be so memorable that you get chills when you listen to it. The music itself can carry a game on its own.
    Atmosphere: The creepier, the better. A good atmosphere can make you feel uneasy, isolated, it can also give off a feeling of dread.
    Story: Story is the most important thing in any game. If its a horror game, it needs to be very scary and it needs to carry the scares.

    Remember horror games are based on what's scary about them. To say you don't qualify a horror game by its scares, you do not know what horror is. The main reason why people play horror games is to be scared and it IS judged by the scares it has and the scares it gives the players.

  • Astro Cat 4 hours ago

    The fact that your list of top 20 horror games doesn't actually require a horror element based off the fact that scary shit does not a good game make is sort of fair, considering there are many games people consider scary that just aren't that great and vice versa. I could see that, and like you said it is your opinion. After all, a good horror game is good despite the apparent amount of horror in it. Right?

    However. You put Last of Us, in last place.

    You've lost any kind of legitimacy. That's ok though, it's your opinion.
    It's also painfully obvious you've not played that game on anything but easy. (Abundant resources) No. Not at all. Not even a little.

    Other than that I like the games on your list, extra point for Dino Crisis.

  • RONIX_NW 4 hours ago

    I don't see why everyone hate the evil dead so much. granted im still in the middle of it but it is scary as hell and pretty grusome. The story doesn't make any sense to me either yet but honestly I got it wanting a game that would scare me and it definately is intense as fuck.

  • Catalin Giurgiuman 4 hours ago

    Dead Space 2 it's the scariest game ever made