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  • The Dominis Of Death 3 hours ago

    I just shit myself unfront of my wife

  • UltraGamingInstinct 3 hours ago

    I seriously thought The Evil within games would be in this video even though I havent played anyone of them but they are pretty good as I have seen from some videos

  • Game Mafia 3 hours ago

    Cry of Fear- when I hear this I think of Morphine and chainsaw runner

  • Game Mafia 3 hours ago

    Had to change position on my couch so I could see both doors and window

  • Hanne Peeters 3 hours ago

    Entitle driver emotion fepidl holiday trace window joke glance Mexican.

  • TOM TOMSON 3 hours ago


  • Luca Townsend 3 hours ago

    Five Nights At Freddy's?

  • Levi Alexander 3 hours ago

    How is five nights of Freddy’s or creepy pasta not on here

  • GamingAwning 12 3 hours ago

    Where was outlast it should be on top dickhead

  • Jonathan Keene-Sommers 3 hours ago

    I like that Alien isolation is in this, love the movies, and the game

  • EmpireGaming_INC 3 hours ago

    top ten worst youtubers…Oh wait the only entry is top ten trends oops

  • Trustierlamb920 3 hours ago

    Outlast or outlast 2 is so much better thought it was gonna be 1st or 2nd

  • KHAN DEADLINE GAMING 3 hours ago

    What FEAR is a horror game

  • KHAN DEADLINE GAMING 3 hours ago

    Buuuuuutttt I love Silent Hill 2

  • KHAN DEADLINE GAMING 3 hours ago

    I have to be honest silent hill downpour is my favorite

  • Zak Baker 3 hours ago

    wjat happened to friday the 13th for NES. try to play that at night in the dark by yourself

  • Willow Harmsen 3 hours ago

    Where is the evil within

  • Keshawn Lowe 3 hours ago

    I don't really know if anyone knows this game, but I used to not even get past the first level of a game called "Siren"

  • Top 10 worst youtuberd

  • Its Zat Guy 3 hours ago

    Scariest game is last gen BO3

  • Elycia X 3 hours ago

    Where’s the evil within and resident evil 7?

  • Legendary Kaiser 3 hours ago

    Even granny

  • TheN.G trolol 3 hours ago

    Mitch said YEET

  • Legendary Kaiser 3 hours ago

    Where is out last & eyes the horror game

  • Chris Youman 3 hours ago

    I am sad neither Outlast games made it on here.

  • Kirbys_father 3 hours ago

    I’m surprised outlast wasn’t on the list. I was for sure it was, that game is tense!

  • Noah Loo Loo 3 hours ago

    Early #notisquad

  • Anthony Perry 3 hours ago

    Acualy sledhammer games made dead space

  • Metal Levite Alex 3 hours ago

    It may not be that scary but the first FEAR to me is one of the funnest shooters to this day. And the first Dead Space is a classic as far as I'm concerned. They're both similar in 1 aspect, though. Their quality decreased with the sequels. Dead Space 2 and 3 I enjoyed since they either had or lacked what the other had, although they're not nearly as great as the first. FEAR 2 was fun but the controls felt a little too off and the story was just not worthy as a follow-up to the first, especially since it did not follow the actual FEAR team at all. And then there's F3AR which was absolute garbage. The 2 expansions Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate were far better sequels than 2 and 3 ever were.