Tom Vasel takes a look at this sequel of sorts to Mall of Horror from Asmodee Games Buy great games at Find more reviews and videos …

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  • VanJeans 1 month ago

    All dem outfit changes haha

  • Lugo428 1 month ago

    I need an opinion. Zombicide or City of Horror?

  • Robert J 1 month ago

    Hey Tom, great review!! Have you reviewed Zombie 15 yet? Would love to see you review that one 🙂

  • James Langley 1 month ago

    looks fun as hell

  • Kenny Jones 1 month ago


  • Andrew Shegda 1 month ago

    component drop ftw

  • VerlorenFormaat 1 month ago

    Epic shirt @ 11:00

  • miniwargamereric 1 month ago

    wish it supported 2 players….3+ makes me mad

  • bulit4pablo 1 month ago

    Zombicide looks better

  • shibbyjames83 1 month ago

    I think that is not how the power is played on that card. You can vote instead of another player with the replica gun.

  • invaderjay 1 month ago

    it found me, through my recommendations 0_0

  • Lots of people complaining about the warped boards and the guys at Asmodee Games tells that you should live with it for somewhat (mercy) reasons. A big "Not to buy!" until reproduction!

  • BuddytheRat 1 month ago

    Hmn. I got mine from my FLGS and the board were warped like crazy, so it's definitely not a preview copy only thing. Fun game though! Just a minor pet peeve.

  • Matt Sanders 1 month ago

    Nicereview, but Tom should be arrested for GBH … Grievously Bad Haberdashery

  • Mogos Bogdan Supersonic Dance Team 1 month ago

    I like games with miniatures..that was always my thing 🙁

  • Robert Beachler 1 month ago

    The voting aspect of Mall of Horror has always been disappointing to me. I always lose.

  • unlvogres 1 month ago

    This game sounds awesome! Definitely should pick it up.

  • Rocco Privetera 1 month ago

    I love the reviews, but I'm not loving the costume changes – each scene break just jars with the overall flow of the review. Eh. Not a big deal I guess – its not going to stop me from watching or anything…

  • Draffut2003 1 month ago

    And different hats.

  • Bexarath 1 month ago

    Tom has more wardrobe changes in this than an Oscars host! 😀

    Anyway, nice review. Really got me interested.

  • paxton73 1 month ago

    This game needs more dice baby!

  • SallianceMedia 1 month ago

    If Tom keeps teleporting around like that, I'm calling the police.