Kona: Day One is the first act of a narrative-driven interactive tale of mystery, exploration and survival, set amid a powerful and ominous snowstorm in a northern …

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  • HellBringer 1 hour ago

    Games is on sale on Xbox

  • HellBringer 1 hour ago

    There is a Xbox achivment to beat game with out ever using a vehicle

  • StenDarker 1 hour ago

    gah! You had me until you said episodic! You'd think we'd have learned with Half Life 2.

  • FandA 1 hour ago

    Some people say "walking simulator games" without action are boring. I enjoyied The vanishing of Ethan Carter… if this game is similar sure I'll like it.

  • teppolundgren 1 hour ago

    "Kona" means "woman" in the old Scandinavian languages. I don't know if that's significant?

    Oh, and the game is coming to PSN in March. Apparently it's the first in a series of 4 games.

  • SquidySaurus 1 hour ago

    I think you are really good at making vids. Can you give me some insight on mine?

  • J4YST4RZ 1 hour ago

    is Kona a point and click game or ?

  • Dirk Diggler 1 hour ago

    Any updates on the game?

  • Brown Brown 1 hour ago

    i just installed the game..or beta. it was preety good. nice graphics. mysterious. nice story telling and narrative. cool enviroments . this game is going to be good. i also hope it will be alot of action. shooting and stuff in the full game.

  • Endritmaps Tv 1 hour ago

    Hello , nice i want to get this game can i contact the dev ??

  • MJ Brewer 1 hour ago

    This game would keep me bound. I had a really great idea I created in school last year that my teacher insisted on taking to market. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or resources to figure it out. I have the outline and story but without animation, no go. But I haven't seen a story played out as clearly and concise as this one. Thanks for bringing it to life. One day, maybe my game, Blackout, will make it. Who knows?

  • Gentle Bones 1 hour ago

    Beautiful looking game. Looks like playing with the occulus would make for a very intense time!

  • Katherine Robison 1 hour ago

    Hey, I've come over from AddictedGamingUK. Congrats on winning the shoutout. Great video. 😉

  • Hino Smith 1 hour ago

    Your video quality is really good and your reviews are not biased. Glad I subbed! I just have a tiny request… There's an awesome game called No Man's Sky and it isn't out yet. However, I would love to hear your first impressions and thoughts about it. Whether or not this game will be good and just your general thoughts. Your videos are awesome, and so are you.

  • TriformTrinity 1 hour ago

    This game looks really interesting +WeiseGamer. Good review around this…makes me wish the game would come out faster, so I can play it (huehuehue).
    Only thing I will disagree on with you however is that the game despite incorporate many different things still belongs to a genre, which usually is the thing that gets used the most, although this is my two cents, I still think you did a good job on this 🙂

  • WFLSCOMMANDER 1 hour ago

    Watched a few videos and was really impressed!Keep up the amazing work bro!!!!! Glad to be a subscriber!

  • Dillon Ventola 1 hour ago

    I know you're more of a review guy but this would be awesome to see a let's play with!

  • Dillon Ventola 1 hour ago

    This game looks intense!

  • Jtl012 1 hour ago

    Wow, nice change up from the 2d games. This looks amazing! Great review!