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  • Adam Jorgensen 3 months ago

    Hehehehehehe, eating a hat was a pretty safe bet

  • Geek To Me 3 months ago

    I chuckled when Tom said, "point eighteen derringer." The .18 is the diameter of the barrel (or caliber) in inches. So ".18 derringer" is "eighteen caliber derringer." I only mention this because FFG's Arkham-based games have plenty of cards with references to firearms by caliber.

  • DuraheLL 3 months ago

    Arkham Horror is way too clunky, slow, uneventful and a huge DRAAG! By todays standards, is it reasonable to pick up Eldritch horror today as a replacement? It sure seem more tight, and a timer that puts down endless game sessions from occuring (as it always does in arkham horror)

  • Owlblocks David 3 months ago

    Dang you, FFG, why'd you have to make an expansion? Tom was going to eat a hat LIVE!

  • saykhia 3 months ago

    Why isn't there a Legacy version of either Eldritch Horror or (gasp) Arkham Horror?

  • Greg Heilers 3 months ago

    Yes…we know EH is more streamlined than AH, but so what? If I am going to play a heavily-themed game, based on and/or inspired by well-known and popular licensed material…I want the gaming experience to be as deep, complex, and long-playing as possible. I want the extra steps in game play, as well as the alleged random or meaningless moments. Life is chock-full of "extra steps" and such moments. If I wanted slimmed-down and simplified, I would play "Lord of the Rings: Tic Tac Toe."

  • Jody Mitchell 3 months ago

    3:27 Racism!

  • NaufalTisyadi 3 months ago

    hahaha mermaid is evil. that got me . . i was watching seriously and then that happened. LOL

  • Comic Book Nerd Out 3 months ago

    Dice Tower / Vasel has done the review for EH, Forsaken Lore but hasn't done Mountains of Madness. I wonder why, since he seems like a real fan of the game.

  • Lucitaur 3 months ago

    If they didn't, they should release a Dead of Winter-like expansion which can, but doesn't have to, make one (though not neccessarily limited to only one) player into a secret servant of the gods.

  • The Not so Great Debater 3 months ago

    Where part of Miami do you guys work out of?

  • trickykid3000 3 months ago


  • The game takes too long to complete for the amount of effective decision making the player gets. Not only are there too few decisions to be made, most of them amounting to little more than movement, the high degree of randomness in the cards often undoes those moves, leaving players with a lot of wasted turns. The variation is so extreme that you can have your entire team destroyed/bogged down in the first few turns, or conversely, be well ahead of the game curve and execute a win without tension. Pandemic is much better designed. The more predictable nature of the game lends itself to real planning and victory or defeat are usually within a turn of each other and often dependent on player skill, rather than luck. Most importantly regarding Eldritch Horror, the cards don't really connect to the overarching narrative in any way. I find that the "story" that everyone praises is often non-existent.

  • Barl3000 3 months ago

    If you are going to get this, you NEED the Forgotten Lore expansion, dont worry it is a small one, so not too expensive.
    Forgotten Lore functions almost as patch as you see in video games. It adds a bunch of encounter cards for all the decks, something should have been in the core game IMO.
    The eight card "decks" is just not good enough, you could easily cycle through them in a single playthrough (even multiple times). But in all other respects this is simply a better game than Arkham Horror, and the clear choice if you were thinking of buying either of them.

  • Hitchslapped 3 months ago

    We've been playing Arkham Horror for quite some time now and although it has a lot of randoms it's replayabiility is amazing. We pretty much know every card so we don't read them with slow and deep voices like we used to but due to the random gates/monsters/mythos cards etc. it's a great strategic experience.
    Has anyone here played Eldritch Horror often enough to tell me how it's like after you read all the great stories and expeditions etc. ??? I fear if the story is the main selling point for this game it's replayability might not be as good as it is with AH

  • NightSpook 3 months ago

    Im from Holland and during my stay in Orlando, I went to Maitland COOLSTUFFINC to pick up a copy. Awesome game, awesome review(as can be expected) and awesome shop. Go buy stuff there! Coolstuffinc 😉

  • Becki Kaze 3 months ago

    Do you eat a hat live when they do not release a second expansion?

  • Micah Dreyer 3 months ago

    I played this for the first time last weekend and I started as the really OP Chinese martial artist and was the lead investigator. I had the chance to take a Dark Pact for more power so I did. About 2/3s through the game I rolled a one and had the Dark Pact collect on me and I was eaten by Satan! We lost all my gear which very nearly cost us the game! God I love this game lol I'm never gonna forget that moment.

  • Anthony Paolilli 3 months ago

    This game is awful! 
    This is not a "streamlined" Arkham Horror!
    This is a Eurotrash  version of the Cthulhu Mythos!
    This game has LOTS of fiddly rules, It has only 4 elder gods to play against. So it has limited replay-ability. It gets easier the more players you have. Takes roughly 3 hours to play. This is really a solo game and the 2+ players is the variant. Many errors, was not polished before releasing it.

    After roughly 5 games with the same gaming group you will feel empty inside and this game will sit on your shelf. Good solitaire style game.

    Expansions will increase play-ability. 

  • Joe Schulze 3 months ago

    This looks like the game "A Touch of Evil"….which is better?

  • OFFLINE 3 months ago

    I love how he calls R'lyeh "rill-i-aaaaah"

  • KabukiKid 3 months ago

    I don't think Sam's idea that Arkham Horror is too burdened with expansions isn't a big deal.  Just don't play them at all… or just play one or two.  Nobody said you have to play them ALL in the same game.  That's nutso, if you ask me.

  • paganeagle2001 3 months ago

    So, you want to play the game, but don't want to pay nearly £30 for a set of basic dice, Blessing Dice and Curse Dice sets?

    Easy, do what I did.

    Get yourself some 16mm dice in red, blue and whatever colour you want for the basic dice.

    Now, for the basic dice, get a permanent marker and colour in the white dots for the 6 and 5's.

    For the cursed dice, as above, but just do the 6's.

    For the blessing dice, as above but do the 4, 5, 6's.

    In the UK, the price of a full set of 15 official dice costs up to £30. I got 3 sets of 12 dice at 16mm and did the above. Cost – £6.00.

  • Cest82pr 3 months ago

    You asked Sam if this would make his list but did not yourself. So would it make it and what number would it be

  • Johan Lundqvist Mattsson 3 months ago

    Looks really fun. How simillar/close is this game to A Touch of Evil. The basic concept seems simillar (alltough this you can play solo.)

  • Kroen Redstone 3 months ago

    Cool! Now how about an Elder Sign: Unseen Forces review? 🙂

  • Gustave154 3 months ago

    For those guys who complain about repetitiveness i can only say that there will be expansions. Other than that great game, best way to play this game is to have someone else narrate your encounter and only tell what will happen based on their results. Fear of the unknown =]

  • Hellstrike 3 months ago

    Tom, you didn't tell us if this would make it in your top ten for 2013…

  • Fuzzyfoot88 3 months ago

    You should really go back to the image of the game as the thumbnail…I never watch your videos anymore because what intrigues me is the game itself…not the name.

  • winterplum 3 months ago

    Very good overview of the game, and darn if I can't shake that catchy "Miami Dice" opening jingle. Always a pleasure to hear Tom and Sam talk about a new game, and verifying/dispelling any hype surrounding it. Thank you.

  • Connor Carlbom 3 months ago

    Nice shirt Tom! 

  • Andre H 3 months ago

    Some people at BGG have translated the code message in the manual. 
    There will be expansions….first one being about Nyarlathotep.

  • wraithxxiv 3 months ago

    Been waiting for this reviews since the game released.  My wife got the game for me for Christmas and her and I have played it twice and I have soloed it once.  I was in the process of researching whether or not we should get Arkham Horror when I discovered this game was coming out.  The main reason I wanted Eldritch Horror over Arkham was the play time.  We have a steady game group of about 4-5 players and many reviews I read on Arkham had games with that many of players lasting up to 6 hours.  I think 4 hours is the max our game group would tolerate and want to play the game again.  The longest game my wife and I played was about 3.5 hours and that was with us learning the rules.  My solo game was maybe an hour.  I believe this game scales really will from 1 to 2 players and hope to see how well a 4 player game will go soon.  This has quickly become my favorite game.

  • Mikael Svensson 3 months ago

    This game is what Arkham Horror should have been from the start. Less fiddling, shorter gametime, tighter rules and more story. EH also does away with the "cannot do anything"-syndrome of being locked in one location turn after turn since monsters do not hinder movement (due to the differing scale – town vs. The World).

    I feel there is more to do in EH on each given turn and the sense of Doom is stronger. Shorter setup time, fixed stats, each Ancient One have focused decks… This game is definitely the replacement for Arkham in this house, and my gameclub agrees despite us having the whole AH series.

    Really look forward to expansions in this one.

  • Eric Burden 3 months ago

    I like this game,  but it's not AH its an Arkham Horror flavor type game like Elder Sign is.  If Elder Sign is an entry level game, this is a middle level game and Arkham Horror is for the advanced player.  Eldritch Horror is not a bad game but I can't see it replacing Arkham Horror for me.

  • Christopher Rahman 3 months ago

    Oh man, I hope there are no expansions. I really wanna see you eat a hat! XD

  • Sapemies58 3 months ago

    Finally! I was afraid you were never going to review this! Love the game in out group 🙂

  • Yuri Pallaro 3 months ago


  • Steve Gale 3 months ago

    The thing to really take note of with EH is that it's very much a one-legged table. The enjoyment is purely from the narrative experience of reading the cards aloud. If players fixate on speeding the game along and "cut to the chase" by summarizing, then the game's going to be pretty boring. The gameplay itself is pretty minimal, as most of the game consists of resolving encounters, and most encounters offer zero choices, just random, luck-of-the-draw skill tests (as with Arkham). The catch here is that there really aren't that many cards in the encounter decks, so repetition will set in very quickly. You won't want people to read cards more than once, as it's rather like being told a joke you've heard before.

  • Daniel Alves 3 months ago

    Sam has the best poker face ever!