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  • Phantom 2008 4 hours ago

    What about the orange justice groove jam and hype

  • Alma Alonzo 4 hours ago

    All of the worst ones shuld be one of the best

  • Alma Alonzo 4 hours ago

    Ride the pony is not the worst stupid

  • AmazingPlayz 4 hours ago

    The robot is my only epic 🙁 now I feel offended

  • The Sith Gamer 272 4 hours ago

    make every battlepass costumes from worst to best from season 2 to season 4!!!

  • BlxBleach234 4 hours ago

    Electro shuffle or breakin?

  • FNL_Salahkiller 4 hours ago

    Rank every skin in fortnite

  • Kristin Gierbolini 4 hours ago

    I love best mate sjjxjsjsjs

  • Bananen 4 hours ago

    Don’t have season 2

  • Raiden 4 hours ago

    This list is retardation at its finest.

  • David Kelsall 4 hours ago

    I have all but floss

  • KactusTV 4 hours ago

    The salute and wave aren’t bad, there just little gestures that nobody really uses

  • sky kid 4 hours ago

    The floss is the stupidest thing to ever happen to fortnite

  • 5:20 did this nigga say 40 or 50 ?

  • THE JUICE SQUAD 4 hours ago

    No one cares

  • BK Vids 4 hours ago

    Best Mates is the worst

  • BK Vids 4 hours ago

    Best Mates is so overrated

  • Noel Silvestri 4 hours ago

    Your taste in everything sucks im sorry

  • Fortnite Savage91 4 hours ago

    WAVE is lit man

  • Shaz MSP 4 hours ago

    when finishing someone,Take the L is a must have emote lol

  • Scorpion 360 4 hours ago

    Best mates is tier 63 sorry but get your numbers right

  • Freedom Gamer 4 hours ago

    My friend Asked me to change account with me
    Him: He got 2 skins from seasson 1 and all skins from battle pass seasson 2. And Ghoul trooper with emotes electro shuffle and fresh.
    He didnt Bought seasson 3 battle pass,Now he wants season 3 skins and it’s late he got 600vb.
    ME: i got all skin in seasson 3, I even got tier 100 glider, with 2 skins raptor, Brite bomber and some emotes like Dab,sexy flip, wiggle,Disco fever and fresh+ 200vb emotes like rockpaperscissor,clap slow and more.
    I even got 850vbucks. I started this game at seasson 1 but didnt bought anything.
    Now i want old skins like black knight,skull trooper and more. But i want season 3 too like reaper,dark voyager and some emotes like robot dance. Help me please.
    This is the only I have!