Defunct Games reviews Shio by Coconut Island Games, available now on PlayStation 4, PC and Mac. As far as naps go, Shio had me tossing and turning.

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  • James Young 1 hour ago

    I know it's not a platformer per se, but the platforming you have to do towards the end of the nes double dragon 2 is nuts. The game is a beat em up and doesn't handle for platforms very well. I beat that after much frustration. I really hate the platforming that beat em ups throw into their games.

  • Filia Luvs Squigly 1 hour ago

    Wait.. This looks familiar. .. was.. was this a easter egg in icey? And as for the question of the day I would say the original prince of persia. I such at this game to this day I can't beat the game in the time limit

  • anders lindblad 1 hour ago

    Probably the japanese Super Mario Bros 2, that was almost annoyingly hard towards the end!

  • Core Gameplay 1 hour ago

    Thanks for the info in this review. I think the hardest platformer I've beat is DKC Tropical Freeze on Hard mode. I'm still working on n++, but that's mostly because there are soooo many levels.

  • Sean P 1 hour ago

    A level of SHIO first appeared in ICEY in 2016, there's an achievement for beating the level. I wonder why it became a full game. I guess people wanted to see it become a full game or something.

    The hardest platformer I've ever beaten was Battletoads. Or perhaps Oniken.

  • Cindy Jones 1 hour ago

    Hardest platformer for me would have to be Prince of Persia on the SNES, graphically it's an amazing game for it's time.

    But the puzzle solving and the sword fights took me a good while to get passed, not to mention the time limit made it difficult enough as it was.

  • Cyberpunknut 1 hour ago

    Reminds me of the evil levels people were making in mario maker. Only no enemies so kinda boring.

    Guess if platformer isn't just jumping on enemies heads in addition to platforms there's a bunch of hard ones I managed to get through that are considered tough today. Beat the all of the console daimakaimura games. All three ninja gaiden games. Monster Party on the NES was pretty tough.

    Chakan on the genesis is a controller thrower. Memorization, anger management, and luck is needed for that one.

  • Mistress Jen 1 hour ago

    Another case of games my dad had, he had a lot of old games, and among them, the first 3 Ninja Gaiden on the NES. 1 and 3, never managed to beat, but 2 one day, if out of luck, or determination, maybe both, but did manage to make it all the way through.

  • ed Di campo 1 hour ago

    I was wondering about this game. Thanks for this review, guess I'm skipping this one.