Countdown from 5 to 1. It’s based in personal opinion and preferences which means that it’s not official. Make sure to check and subscribe to my channels: …

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  • Jones Johnson 49 mins ago

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  • Max Games 787P 49 mins ago

    very nice xd

  • zZ PUBLIC_ENEMY zZ 49 mins ago

    Thanks bro!!

  • Juadaromo 2016 49 mins ago

    my favorite is Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

  • Alex Mafiot 49 mins ago


  • Danyah Cartoon 49 mins ago

    I adore how something at first often relates to the finish, just like the stilt dealing with.

  • KidsPlanet 49 mins ago

    Cool video

  • salmaღ M 49 mins ago

    Shadow of the colossus is the best

  • Strike ElCheese 49 mins ago

    shadow of the colloseus is so fcking good

  • Renato Judas 49 mins ago

    Love a video that appreciates 'Tomb Raider', but truth is that Lara is the queen of the action/adventure genre, maybe not that it's the best game (franchise), but the most suitable for its title (it has exploration – adventure, climbing – adventure, tombs – adventure and lots of baddies – action, combat – action, amazing crashing scenes – action), Nate comes second (even love him a lot too)

  • Xtreme Games 49 mins ago

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching my videos. I just uploaded "Top 10: Games of the 7th Generation:"
    Hope you enjoy it.

  • Hyper Fuze 49 mins ago

    I love Tomb Raider so much. Definitely one of my most favorite games ever

  • 8thDay 49 mins ago

    Is it me, or that scene from God of War II were also in some other game? Maybe Devil May Cry or Blood Rayne…

  • 1. The Last Of Us
    2. Tomb Raider ( 2013)
    3. Uncharted 2

  • nikos tsagkournos 49 mins ago

    MY list(I have got only 3 because the 2 are series)
    killzone series
    god of war 3
    assassin's creed series

  • Peter Atkinson 49 mins ago

    Great list! I would probably have the exact same games just different order:

    1. Batman Arkham city
    2. Uncharted 2
    3. Shadow of the Colossus
    4. Tomb Raider (2013)
    5. God of war 2

  • mapuia ralte 49 mins ago

    what is no 3? plizz tell me

  • Omari Kaxelishvili 49 mins ago

    in this vido all game its so stuped i dont like this game :/ 

  • Pig King 49 mins ago

    You must love batman ark ham city.cause he's been in this one stealth and free play

  • Evolved Soldier 49 mins ago

    1) Prototype 2
    2) Devil May Cry 4
    3) God Of War 3
    4) GTA VCS
    5) Mega Man X6

  • Ryan Valdez 49 mins ago

    whats the first game ?? i think thats good… does it have a pc version ??

  • Issaga Balde 49 mins ago

    heres a cookie ,want some fries with that??

  • Joseph O'Neill 49 mins ago

    first comment!