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  • robo tube 12 hours ago

    I just played deep sleep today

  • robo tube 12 hours ago

    Eyes is good and granny

  • Just animation and more 12 hours ago

    Gift card boi

  • NonStopChris 12 hours ago

    I thought the Doritos one would have good jump scares but in the end, U wake up or something and someone ate all ur Doritos as a joke, if it was related to Doritos itself

  • Nevzzi 12 hours ago


  • Tony Tom 12 hours ago

    Where's granny

  • darijukssstv 12 hours ago

    Chaos say we giweway no keycard

  • tracie pyles 12 hours ago

    No twitter but I need that gift card lol…….. non disclosure!

  • supercake305 / Dylan 12 hours ago

    i want the gift card because i want new games

  • Savage Yoongi 12 hours ago

    SCP-087 is a SCP (a monster or object that is abnormal and can be dangerous, neutral, or safe) that is part of the franchise SCP: ContaimentBreach, it's where several people can create there own SCP (my favorite is SCP-096 btw)

  • Abodi Hagag 2007 12 hours ago

    In scp The (_) is because they have numbers because the monsters are test subjects

    SCP was my favorite game
    My favorite scp was SCP_069

  • DUY NGUYEN 12 hours ago

    The number 10 likes you got kidnap in roblox

  • xXWeabooDoodleXx 12 hours ago

    I know TWO MORE free horror games that are actually good! There's:
    1. Granny (it's a mobile game!)
    2. Doki Doki Literature Club (it is disguised as a dating sim!)

  • Scp – 87 lives in those stairs and scp means secure contain protect
    Scp foundation secures scps and lock them up
    Idk the origin of scp – 87

  • Pebbles T 12 hours ago

    me: they better have granny

  • dorman does everything 12 hours ago

    y no FNAF pizzeria simulator

  • dorman does everything 12 hours ago

    I was waiting for scp containment breach

  • crim somreaf5555 12 hours ago

    want to win so i can actually buy some stuff like a mic and camera so i can start on youtube crimsomreaf5555 <— twitter

  • Jay Rock 12 hours ago

    Kongregate.con sas the best

  • William Logan 12 hours ago

    You for got granny, its a mobile game where you gotta escape grandma's house, each play through is different

  • Mcbrader 12 hours ago

    So geil wie er das Ausgesprochen hat Alter Dör Unbekänte kröieg

  • Rainderpbrony 12 hours ago

    I would buy "The Joy of creation story mode." Maybe not for 60, but sure for 20^^

  • SpetZemas 12 hours ago

    I really liked Slender the eight pages because it was completely free to play, the game is super simple but it’s hard at the same time and the atmosphere really makes you super scared. Since it’s hard to complete, it has a lot of replay ability.

  • The Best 12 hours ago

    does anyone knows where can i play hotel 626 ;_;

  • KingArtz 12 hours ago

    deceit is a really good game

  • DatGangstaTGames 12 hours ago

    i want to buy a camera @tristanbaccine1

  • lovro posilovic 12 hours ago

    i play scp cb

  • CubingGamer 12 hours ago

    Granny has to be number 1.

  • What I WOULD recommend is a free game called "I'MSCARED"…It is pixelated, sure, but don't let that fool you…It's HORRIFYING!! I expected the jumpscares and yet I got scared…You should definitely try it…

  • Dark gaming 12 hours ago

    He couldow explained what SCP's are!

  • Vazul006 12 hours ago

    The Visitor is no horror , you could have put in the Slenderman, Hylophobia or even Lights and Shadows… :/

  • Jessy Wolf 12 hours ago

    I really like the game Granny

  • Pascal Frühling 12 hours ago

    Another great game would be Vanish (watch markipliers playthorughs – hilarious stuff) and Dungeon Nightmares is also a great horror game for free.

  • Vortex Gaming 12 hours ago

    Der unbekannte krieg is a german word and it says: the unknown war

  • Gabriel Marquise 12 hours ago

    Of course scp is on there. Can't wait for unity full release. Like the video!

  • Moved to Maddie Angelx 12 hours ago

    I played The Visitor it's not a horror but like point'n'click thriller

  • wade gaming 12 hours ago

    I got one on tablet Android called granny

  • lamb sace 12 hours ago

    i play scb:cb
    (secure contain protect contaiment breach)
    if you dont know what am i speaking abaut dont leave a like or comment idiots