Here is a look at NYKO Smart Clip for the Dual Shock 4 controller for the PS4. This is a very cool clip that lets you attach the controller to a smartphone or tablet …

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  • LenCatGaming 13 hours ago

    Can i connect my IOS iphone to it. I always see people always use android phones and works. So can i use IOS phones??

  • Hunter Broadus 13 hours ago

    rubbers?!?! #LOL

  • Greek God 13 hours ago

    iphone is awsome

  • Free Music Downloader - All Music 13 hours ago

    Very Good Friend;)

  • Ace 101 13 hours ago

    do you need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your ps4?

  • gac3la 13 hours ago

    via bluetoof

  • MtheDrago 86 13 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me why I can't connect my ps4 controller into my LG G4, this guy did it, why can't I? (obviously bluetooth)

  • Bradley Hunter 13 hours ago

    Is it compatible with other retro style controllers?

  • Bien Rubinas 13 hours ago

    or if you rip them

  • Andrea Degges 13 hours ago

    What about iphone

  • SackBoyPeiN 13 hours ago

    i think it's pretty useful for the fallout 4 companion app 🙂

  • I was scratching my leg 13 hours ago

    Does it work with ipad 2?

  • Im Tee 13 hours ago

    how about the ps 1000 it can hold it?

  • joe kamouh 13 hours ago

    Follow joe.kamouh on instagram

  • Maria Trevisson 13 hours ago

    Marc can you do me a favor?? Can you try it with a Galaxy S6 edge…. i'm afraid it wont hold well with the edge or that the clamp placement will hit the power button. Could you just bring the Nyko to any cellphone store and try with a S6 Edge??? or if you have one, thank you a lot !!

  • McCrzay 13 hours ago

    Dose it work with iphone

  • The Noob Gaming 101 13 hours ago

    how do you connect the controller to andriod

  • So is this not compadable with iPhone?

  • Justrandomthings 13 hours ago

    What game did you play on the phone

  • Justrandomthings 13 hours ago

    what game did you play on the phone

  • James Forsyth 13 hours ago

    I love the new York set up I would love to put some Brooklyn nets design on mine or just 347 area code in both handles and in the middle it would say brooklyn

  • Abdelrahman Shady 13 hours ago

    how do you connect the nyko smart clip to mobile

  • Sonya Lozano 13 hours ago

    Do you need to remoat play on the vita with this

  • K-Real 13 hours ago

    soon there will be games in hologram style…. lol! dat would be awesome….

  • Pampos Pampou 13 hours ago

    Just get a PS VITA !

  • rio de jesus 13 hours ago

    Hi…how bout for vita…you think it will work..