For all of the other PlayStation Top 10 Countdowns, Here is the Playlist:

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  • guilleman123 2 hours ago

    =08 Download PS1 Games

  • Abbas Mohammdi 2 hours ago

    Tomb raider

  • Сталкер231 Стрелок 2 hours ago

    классный обзор с меня лайк и подписка.

  • Redwoody 2 hours ago

    Tomb Rider?

  • yang be 2 hours ago

    Resident Elvis shadow man music

  • IMPROVISADOR 2 hours ago

    Resident Elvis

  • Marikhen Zairania 2 hours ago

    Seems strange to me that only games 3, 4, and 5 are "action" games in a top 10 action game list.

  • Longshoreman X 2 hours ago

    Urban Chaos is the best action game on the PSX hands down

  • Zephyr Weiss 2 hours ago

    next time make a video without the sequels….

  • irina1296 2 hours ago

    My favorite PlayStation 1 games are: Alien Trilogy, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mortal Kombat 4, Resident Evil 1-3, Soul Blade (Edge), James Bond (Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough), Alien: Resurrection, The X-Files Game, Xena: Warrior Princess, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Grand Theft Auto 1-2, Gran Turismo 1-2, The Fifth Element, Spider-Man, Centipede, Marvel vs Capcom, Apocalypse.

  • Khanh Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Nice video, try another game: Darkness Reborn, a best new game mobile online of Gamevil company, don't miss it:

  • aleyuglioh 2 hours ago

    metal gear solid?

  • BeKo35 2 hours ago

    Soul reaver 1-2 best ps1 games.

  • Hey Sonny 2 hours ago

    Spider-Man YESSSSSS

  • civilwarfare101 2 hours ago

    Silent Hill and old school RE are not action games.

  • Isaac Clarke 2 hours ago

    Where the heck is mgs1??????????!?!?!?!?!?

  • Antichrist2000 2 hours ago

    The title says top Action games…yet you start off with 3 survival horror games and a stealth game… and then finish off with two more survival horror games… what? No seriously what? You are calling Tenchu and Silent Hill actions games?!

  • Ntina Priovolou 2 hours ago

    soul reaver is the best and tomb raider

  • Cat From The Future 2 hours ago

    Yeah, it's a "platformer", technically. Settle down.

  • Tomi Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Spyro? Action game? REALLY?

  • Temporicide28 2 hours ago

    I nominate Silent Bomber for best ACTION game!!
    One of the best games ALL time, to me, and great use of AGILITY.
    Nice survival horror, but they don't go HARD as it does on ACTION, bruh.

  • Cat From The Future 2 hours ago

    Whhhhhaaat, no Spyro?!

  • Drax xen89 2 hours ago go there now!!!

  • Billy Hawkins 2 hours ago

    Resident evils survival horror.

  • Parasite1101 2 hours ago

    Well that was silly, half the list was sequels, like yeah theyre good but seriously? Thats like saying top 10 rpgs and having final fantasy 1-10 in the list

  • acedia0ira 2 hours ago

    Person that made this list is pretty stupid *moves on*

  • osmane maher 2 hours ago

    but theare problem on iso resident evil psx

  • Rivaldo Silva 2 hours ago


  • TheKrustaceox 2 hours ago

    Survival Horror, imbecile.

  • Lucas Milani 2 hours ago

    This fuck is SH no action

  • Lancelt666 2 hours ago

    It's more like survival horror list but still I like it.

  • lokasocba 2 hours ago

    I think the person who made this list is a little confused, he (or she) put 5 survival horrors in an action games top 10 (i said 5 'cause dino crisis is a survival horror game, but dino crisis 2 is an action game)

  • MrHydrocoma 2 hours ago

    survival horror is not an action game IMO, resident evil is the shit, but does not belong here!

  • harrymasononvacation 2 hours ago

    Silent Hill? Action? XD

  • WJ theWJ 2 hours ago