Episode 51: Racing Games (Nintendo 64) This is part 1 of some of my favorite racing games for the Nintendo 64.

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  • Thievius333 3 months ago

    Just a head's up – it isn't pronounced Para-dij-im, its Para-dime.

  • Slipknot Pimp 3 months ago

    Wave race 64 one of the best racing games ever made love your videos!

  • JoyousCoconut 3 months ago

    What'd you use to record the footage?

  • GuitarGamer 3 months ago

    How about to remember one of the theme of top gear 2 Game, for snes, on guitar? Please check out this cover!!! Guitar Cover – Top Gear 2 Theme Song

  • CartoonCade 3 months ago

    For Part 3, I recommend Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing for the Nintendo 64. In case you didn't know, this little gem had everything you'd want in a game about Hot Wheels – huge jumps, 360-degree tunnels, and most of all – stunts. Lots and lots of stunts. Although there are only 8 tracks, there are many secrets to get, including many mystery cars that can be found in the levels. These unlock more cars for your collection. Also in this game is a "Practice Airtime" mode, which means that not only can you practice the tracks, but you can do epic stunts to earn points. The sound quality is very poor, but hey, who cares about sound when you're pulling off a "Backflip Bomb" or "Barrel Roll"?!

  • Abadox NES 3 months ago

    Great video. I need to get the Beatle adventure racing. I still remember my high school friend lending me Mario Kart 64 during the Thanksgiving holidays. I played the battle mode with my cousin for hours. good times

  • Joe Ferreira 3 months ago

    I take it DX is your favorite wrestlers judging from your Wave Race 64 roster

  • DoctrineOfMayhem 3 months ago

    Great to see some reviews again.

  • himynameiswaylon 3 months ago

    Great video as always!

    One minor thing of note – I'm pretty sure Paradigm Entertainment is actually pronounced Pair-a-dime Entertainment.