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video rating: 4.67
duration : 4:49
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  • Bart plays some games 20 hours ago

    "Left rooms too dark to play through without darkening the room around me" – I think that's exactly what they want you to do haha Good review!!

  • Bart plays some games 20 hours ago

    Yeeees, this game is amazing! We're uploading a series of this as we play cause it just offers so many cool footage to use 😀

  • Ryley Marshall 20 hours ago

    the dark souls of survival

  • his words too big

  • ricard modo 20 hours ago

    Has it changed since like a year ago? i remember the cannibals taking forever to kill and chopping down trees and stuff takes FOREVER

  • Alvin Thompson 20 hours ago

    9/10 game. Recommended, owner since 2015.

  • Amet Reubec 20 hours ago

    the sanity meter should have added hallucinations an having the player become feral, unable to build complex structures anymore but you gain more attack power and hp

  • Jack Daniels 20 hours ago

    Are they planning on releasing this for ps4?

  • Wicked Scythe 20 hours ago

    Still waiting for this on ps4

  • AnuBius 20 hours ago

    There is LITERALLY a Torchlight in the inventory (on the left) after he says the Lighter is the only source. What?

  • HaLuNkE ST0NER 20 hours ago

    Ahhhh just kill em all

  • Blind Hydra 20 hours ago

    I hope we get this on xbox

  • SerElbass 20 hours ago

    Have you actually been to a cave with a lighter? I thought the developers did an amazing job with the cave. Why carry just a lighter into a cave? Let alone one full of cannibals?

  • UnitedEarthEmpire 20 hours ago

    This IGN guy is bad at almost every games…

  • JTundra 20 hours ago

    Is this game in console

  • EXIWER 20 hours ago

    You can make a torch!!!!!!!

  • Dread Step 20 hours ago

    Great game. A.I can be tamed (Kind of) There just isnt enough things to build yet imo

  • the losers 20 hours ago


  • Declan Dickson 20 hours ago

    That lighter says "BIC" on it. Crazy

  • Friendly Metroid 20 hours ago

    Sounds like someone didn't bother to make a torch. Hopefully you played long enough to see the late game enemies.

  • Nath Mod 20 hours ago

    i remember playing the demo

  • Nicolas Rochester 20 hours ago

    was your complaint a pocketlighter didnt light up a whole cave
    torches exist man fire arrows too

  • There are also mutants to contend with

  • DavyBaby 20 hours ago

    Another adjectives abound IGN review.

  • Daniel Alexandre 20 hours ago

    7.9/10 – too many trees

  • John Pen 20 hours ago

    You know your tv has gamma settings, mind blown…

  • Gunter Guntlicker 20 hours ago

    The savages should have darker skin. Breaks immersion being to light skinned

  • Majin Broly 20 hours ago

    9/10 Too much forest

  • Tyler1 20 hours ago

    Reign of kings?