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video rating: 4.67
duration : 4:49
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  • Bart plays some games 3 months ago

    "Left rooms too dark to play through without darkening the room around me" – I think that's exactly what they want you to do haha Good review!!

  • Bart plays some games 3 months ago

    Yeeees, this game is amazing! We're uploading a series of this as we play cause it just offers so many cool footage to use 😀

  • Ryley Marshall 3 months ago

    the dark souls of survival

  • his words too big

  • ricard modo 3 months ago

    Has it changed since like a year ago? i remember the cannibals taking forever to kill and chopping down trees and stuff takes FOREVER

  • Alvin Thompson 3 months ago

    9/10 game. Recommended, owner since 2015.

  • Amet Reubec 3 months ago

    the sanity meter should have added hallucinations an having the player become feral, unable to build complex structures anymore but you gain more attack power and hp

  • Jack Daniels 3 months ago

    Are they planning on releasing this for ps4?

  • Wicked Scythe 3 months ago

    Still waiting for this on ps4

  • AnuBius 3 months ago

    There is LITERALLY a Torchlight in the inventory (on the left) after he says the Lighter is the only source. What?

  • HaLuNkE ST0NER 3 months ago

    Ahhhh just kill em all

  • Blind Hydra 3 months ago

    I hope we get this on xbox

  • SerElbass 3 months ago

    Have you actually been to a cave with a lighter? I thought the developers did an amazing job with the cave. Why carry just a lighter into a cave? Let alone one full of cannibals?

  • UnitedEarthEmpire 3 months ago

    This IGN guy is bad at almost every games…

  • JTundra 3 months ago

    Is this game in console

  • EXIWER 3 months ago

    You can make a torch!!!!!!!

  • Dread Step 3 months ago

    Great game. A.I can be tamed (Kind of) There just isnt enough things to build yet imo

  • the losers 3 months ago


  • Declan Dickson 3 months ago

    That lighter says "BIC" on it. Crazy

  • Friendly Metroid 3 months ago

    Sounds like someone didn't bother to make a torch. Hopefully you played long enough to see the late game enemies.

  • Nath Mod 3 months ago

    i remember playing the demo

  • Nicolas Rochester 3 months ago

    was your complaint a pocketlighter didnt light up a whole cave
    torches exist man fire arrows too

  • There are also mutants to contend with

  • DavyBaby 3 months ago

    Another adjectives abound IGN review.

  • Daniel Alexandre 3 months ago

    7.9/10 – too many trees

  • John Pen 3 months ago

    You know your tv has gamma settings, mind blown…

  • Gunter Guntlicker 3 months ago

    The savages should have darker skin. Breaks immersion being to light skinned

  • Majin Broly 3 months ago

    9/10 Too much forest

  • Tyler1 3 months ago

    Reign of kings?