We pick the 10 most anticipated action adventure video games coming soon to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. Support this channel by …

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  • emrah şimşek 17 hours ago

    ı am ready for the new god of war. 🙂

  • Ana Cris Silva 17 hours ago

    🙉🤑👅 Rita Ora Video Sexo

  • robotparadise 17 hours ago

    How about sorting the trailers for just PC then a separate trailer for CONSOLE? YES?

  • The Potato Captin 17 hours ago

    Whatoplay, Can You. Do Another Worst PS3 Games List?

  • Anand Vp 17 hours ago

    Any suggestions for a racing game for casual gamer without complex mechanics?

  • shahid khan 17 hours ago

    "It has a play score of"…. WHAT?!?!!

  • KA6'EM 17 hours ago

    My top upcoming games
    Detroit: Become Human
    Shadow of the Colossus
    and TLoU2+Death Stranding+BGaE2 are absolutely not coming 2018

  • e efilysp 17 hours ago


  • Isdihaj l'amateur 17 hours ago

    Love you re amazing work plz make a top 10 realistic games

  • berrlett 17 hours ago

    While our friends over at X1X watching 4K HD blueray dvds with their 500 USD DVD player.

  • RaZvaNn Ionescu 17 hours ago


  • darrius lacy 17 hours ago

    No Spider-Man Ps4

  • Roohan 17 hours ago

    How about new xbox x power now? Well still prefer my ps4 pro, at least i can play a lot of cool games

  • James Keith Tampus 17 hours ago

    I noticed most this games released on Ps4.

    Ps4 is the best!

  • gavson comedy show 17 hours ago

    Far cry 5 can come to switch

  • David Traumann 17 hours ago

    8 out of 10 I'll get for sure day one. Beyond G&E 2 is more like 2020 and God of Wars sux playing as a dad and having a child around. Totally killed the game for me.

  • Jonadab Condeno 17 hours ago

    Great games! great games! I don't have money. :,((

  • Super Sorrow 17 hours ago

    Where was kingdom hearts 3 on is this video all the wack game got announce like the last of us and god of war 😠

  • Roman Atanasiu 17 hours ago

    Beyond good and evil 2 for 2018? More 2020

  • MrNice Guy 17 hours ago

    Detroit above spiderman?

  • Dave Wavy 17 hours ago

    How can you give a price to a game that doesn't yet have a release date? Yes you can guess it will be $60 but then any fool can do that. Also how can you get these games now? They are not even close to release, the best you can get is a pre-order and thats hardly now. You ruin what was a perfectly good video with assumptions and false claims.

  • mohamed saied 17 hours ago

    This channel is the best place to know what to play next

  • Arijit Roy 17 hours ago

    How dare you put RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 IN 3RD PLACE

  • Yeah Switch can't downgrade some of these games can't wait to play some PS4 exclusives wish some can be on PC.

  • Kira Lee 17 hours ago

    I don't think Xbox has any hope at all for keeping up with Playstation – the PS exclusives are absolutely amazing

  • GTD: GAMING TILL DEATH 17 hours ago

    You missed DAY'S GONE and SPIDERMAN!

  • eko setiadi 17 hours ago

    buy ps4 and dont buy xone haha

  • akab211 17 hours ago

    Monkey see monkey do!

  • bonifacio_kid 17 hours ago


  • Shovelware 17 hours ago

    Poor Nintendo Bitch, sorry Nintendo Switch. It gets none of them Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahha fucking console that is!

  • The Unknown 17 hours ago

    When will shadow of the tomb raider 😣😡

  • jay fullbuster 17 hours ago

    Zero games for switch

  • esperCELL 17 hours ago

    just bought Xbox One X the most powerful gaming console
    but then realize the best games are all on the Protato haha

  • AbdelGhafour Mohie El-Deen 17 hours ago

    The last of us – RDR2 = should be 2,1 most anticipated games.